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Tjurpannan - new hiking trails

Tjurpannan National Park is the most beautiful area in Bohuslän. Where the trees have been chopped and the bushes burned to restore the original terrain, new hiking trails have been established.

There are several marked trails in the terrain. The red one goes the shortest way to the sea. The blue goes a little detour so you'll bring some more time in the terrain, but even this trail ends up at the sea. The white trail gives you a round in the typical Bohuslän scenery.

When you choose the white loop, you'll see moraines, areas with pebbles deposited at the last ice age.

The trail is well organized with stairs and small bridges so that it is easy to get along.

In several places you will find idyllic ponds.

The white loop can be difficult to follow in some places. Do not go ahead until you have found the next sign.

The view to the archipelago with the slippery islets is marvelous. It never gets boring. Nature changes with the light. Every time you come back, you get a new experience.

If you look at the ground, you can find beautiful flowers and small animals that are adapted to the rough weather conditions. Tjurpannan is one of the most windy areas in Sweden.

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Excursion of the week: Tjurpannan national park at Grebbestad.

Duration: 2-4 km. Spend at least a couple of hours. Bring your swimwear.

Suitable for: Children and adults (not wheelchair or stroller). No hazardous areas.

Get there: Take the exit from the E6 towards Grebbestad at Tanum and follow road 163 until you approach Grebbestad. Turn right to get to Havstenssund. You will eventually pass Edsvik camping on your left. Continue right ahead until you reach a crossing where it is signposted to a nationial park (left). Follow the road through a few small farms until you reach a parking lot on the left hand side. Park there. Walk along the gravel road leading down to the sea at the end of the parking lot. After about 100 meters you turn left through a gate. There you will see the signs for red, blue and white trails. Choose the trail that suits you best. If you choose the white trail, you will soon cross a yellow or a green trail. These lead to the sea.

Challenge: Can you locate this spot?

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