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Ramsvik and the Sote canal

Ramsvik Nature Reserve is located between Smögen and Hunnebostrand. It was originally a peninsula but was split from the mainland when creating the Sote canal.

The canal was planned as early as the 19th century but was first opened in 1935. It provides safe inland intersection between Hunnebostrand and Smögen.

The area outside the Ramsvik nature reserve (on the left side of the canal in the picture above) is one of the most wind exposed places on the west coast of Sweden.

By guiding the boats inside the islands, you got a much safer traffic route especially for small boats.

Ramsvik is characterized by smooth rocks of the typical reddish Bohusläns granite.

Here there have been quarries with the production of granite blocks for hundreds of years. You still see the remains of the business in several places.

More excursions:

Excursion of the week: Ramsvik Nature Reserve and Sote Canal at Hunnebostrand and Smögen

Suitable for: Slightly rough terrain. Not suitable for stroller or wheelchair.

Duration: There are several marked trails and you choose lengths from 5 to 15 kilometers.

Get there: Drive E6 from Strömstad towards Gothenburg. Turn right at the Grindmotet junction and follow signs for route 163 towards route 165 Fjällbacka and Hamburgsund. Then take route 174 when the signs for Hunnebostrand and Smögen arrive. Turn right towards Ramsvik about 10 kilometers before Smögen. Cross the bridge over the Sote Canal and turn right just after the bridge. Follow the road straight ahead as it passes Ramsvik camping. There is a parking space at the end which is a good starting point for several hiking trails. You receive free maps at the campsite.

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