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Tjurpannan - the best of nature

If you want to experience wind and waves and rough nature, the Tjurpannan Conservation Area is the place. It is one of the most windy areas on the west coast of Sweden, but also a Mecca for divers and a beautiful place to go hiking.

Tjurpannan lighhouse is supposed to help seafarers through the infamous Yellow Humpen which has caused a lot of shipwrecks.

But few places are more beautiful than Tjurpannan when the sun is shining. The area is famous for its vast diversity of species of fish and plants and can provide great experiences both above and below water.

The beautiful open countryside gives a confortable hike.

Somtimes larger areas are burn down to be set back as it was when the locals lived by nature there.

The vegetation is then held down by grazing animals. If you go into the fenced areas, you can see sheep close up - fun for kids.

The Tjurpannan has a small, sheltered harbour for small boats, originally for fishing boats only, now mainly for the boats of the cabin owners.

On the north side you can climb a small hill where you get a great view of the entire archipelago. Andt don't miss the sunset.

More excursions:

Excursion of the week: Tjurpannan Conservation Area.

Length: As long or short as you want it to be. About 10-15 minutes to walk from the parking lot, but you will probably like to spend an hour or more to hike along the sea and on the plains. Suitable for all ages.

Getting there: Exit from E-6 towards Grebbestad at Tanum. Turn right to Havsstensund a few kilometers before reaching Grebbestad. Follow the signs towards Havsstensund until you reach a sign with the text (Naturvernområde) Conservation Area (a few kilometers before Havsstenssund). Turn left in this crossing and keep straight until signs tell you that you shouldn't go further. Park in the parking lot on the left side and follow the gravel road towards the sea.


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