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Terra Natura - best zoo in Spain?

Just inside the popular tourist town of Benidorm on the Costa Blanca is a beautiful zoo where you can get close to the animals.

Here there are 200 different species with a total of 1,500 animals. There are 160 different types of trees, shrubs and plants from America, Europe and Asia.

This is a large zoo with a total area of 320,000 square meters. Emphasis has been placed on creating environments that resemble the animals' natural habitats.

In addition to seeing many different animals, you also get a nice nature experience. In some places it is like being on a journey of discovery in a jungle.

In the park areas, you can see a crane peeking over a hedge or a pelican strolling about.

The need to give the animals plenty of room to move around is well aligned with the need for visitors to see the animals up close.

The park has three themes: America, Europe and Asia. You can find overview maps in several places. Signs and arrows show which way you should go.

There are posters with information about the various trees, shrubs and plants from the different parts of the world.

If you go left when you enter the park, you will come to an area set aside for exotic birds, the Aviary. Tip: push open the door even if it looks like it's closed.

Inside the facade, a small jungle has been created with artificial water vapor that creates a tropical environment.

Here the birds roam freely. They are used to people and seem to live their own lives independent of us. You therefore get quite close to them.

Like, for example, this beautiful Wood Duck...

... the large Sacred Ibis ...

... the Scarlet Ibis ...

... the Balck Crowned Night Heron ...

... and the Blue and Yellow Macaw. There is a large net over the forest, but on the ground you get the feeling of being out in the open with wild exotic birds.

It is an experience you will have to look for for a long time in other zoos. Terra Natura is therefore probably one of the best zoos for birds in Europe.

In addition, there is a show with the presentation of trained birds of prey in a separate arena.

Here, bird trainers tell about how the various birds of prey have been used for hunting and what characteristics they have.

They show off the birds' special skills by commanding them to fly from one bird trainer to another, or catch bait.

The birds are exceptionally well trained and obey the slightest cue, whether it is sitting in a certain place or flying around.

You get very close to the birds.

You also get a good impression of how fast these birds of prey fly when they whiz right over your head.

This performance is so impressive that it is a must-see. It is held every day at 1pm and 4pm.

The zoo has several types of primates like the Black Marmoset over and the White-faced Capuccin below.

White-handed Gibbon

Cotton-top Marmoset (below)

Terra Natura in international projects to preserve endangered animal species, such as the Dhole in the picture below.

50 of the species in the park are included in such projects. The Bengal tiger and the Asian elephant are among them.

The large animals seem to be doing well and show no signs of stress or discomfort. They have plenty of room to move around and are presumably well looked after.

Asian elephants at their palace.

There are many beautiful places in the area. Some of them have been used to record scenes for films.

In the European part of the zoo, you get to feed and pet the animals. It is popular with the little ones.

There are several restaurants in the area, and there are toilets in many places.

There is a separate picnic area for those who wish to eat food they have brought.

If the children get impatient, there are activity opportunities for both small ...

... and slightly older children.

You can have photos taken of yourself with animals, for example with a hawk on your shoulder. It costs 10 Euros.

But you can also create your own memories for free.

In the north-east side of the facility there is a hotel - Hotel Magic Natura - with 250 Polynesian rental cabins. If you want an exclusive stay, you can get "all inclusive". Then you also get free access to both the animal park and the Terra Agua water park, since the cabins are an integral part of these parks. They overlook the African savanna in the park.

The park is adapted for people with reduced mobility. You can rent a wheelchair or tricycle if you need it.

By agreement, you can arrange a birthday party in the park. There are special offers for business events and educational activities for school classes and others.

In 2023, the entrance price was 36 Euros for adults and 22 Euros for children and pensioners. For an additional fee, you can also access the Terra Agua water park, but be aware that there is so much to do and see in the zoo that you may not have time for both in one day. The entrance ticket gives access to all parts of the park and the performances held there. You get a lot for your money. It pays to buy tickets online in advance. Then you won't have to stand in a queue, and maybe you'll get a discount. Go to:

More excursions:

Excursion of the week: Terra Natura at Benidorm

Fits everyone.

Duration: Set aside all day. See the website of Terra Natura for opening hours. They vary during the year. In autumn and winter, it is only open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10.00 - 17.30.

Get there: From Alicante, take the N-332 to Benidorm. Take the exit for la Nucía at Benidorm. Then follow the signs to Terra Natura. It costs 5 Euros for parking.

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