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Aitana safari - get close to wild animals

At a thousand meters altitude in the Ainana mountains near Benidorm on the Costa Blanca coast you will find a 1.5 million square-meter large fenced area where wild animals from the five continents can walk freely around. Here you can caress elephants and give donkeys a hug, or just enjoy the atmosphere and visual impressions. You drive your own car, but you will also use your legs.

To løvinnner som titter ut igjennom et vindu i et skur som gir dem skyggge for solen i Aitana Safari i Spania

Kamel ved et vannhull i Aitana Safari i Spania

Camels, zebras and other herd animals live in peaceful coexistence as if they had just landed from Noah's ark. They have large areas to their disposal.

Flokker av sebraer og kameler i Aitana Safari i Spania

In the middle of the day the lions search into the shade. You'll find them under a tree, behind a bush or in a hide as in the first picture where two lionesses keep each other company while they are looking out of a window towards the tourists passing by.

Hannløve som har søkt skygge mot sola i Aitana Safari i Spania

In areas of lions and tigers there are double fences and extra security measures. Here you are neither allowed to leave the car nor open the windows. As long as the windows are closed, they do not perceive you as edible. Wash the windows before you go in and you'll see even better.

Tiger som tar en siesta i den varme solen i Aitana Safari i Spania

The tiger is the world's largest cat. It can jump close to ten meters, and their enclosure is therefore even better secured than that of the lions.

En giraff med dyrepasser i Aitana Safari i Spania

The giraffe is the world's tallest animal. In Aitana Safari, they wander freely and graze the food hung up to them in the trees.

Giraff som spiser fra mat som er hengt ut til dem i et tre i Aitana Safari i Spania

The giraffe's tongue is both long and rough and blue.

Giraff som viser frem tungen i Aitana Safari i Spania

As is well known, the elephant is wise, loyal and fair, and furthermore the world's largest and heaviest land-based animal. It can be over 10 tons and four meters high.

Elefant med dyrepasser i Aitana Safari i Spania

If you have ever wanted to pat an elephant, you can get your wish fulfilled in Aitana Safari. The elephants are customized to meeting people and will meet your gaze when you give them a caress.

Besøkende klapper elefant i Aitana Safari i Spania

No safari without a hippo. In Aitana Safari they have a great deal of freedom of movement. In the middle of the day, they are enjoying themselves in a thick mud hole.

Flodhest i Aitana Safari i Spania

But for the little ones - and some big ones too - an encounter with more common animals, such as a little donkey, can make a big impression. The animals are curious and friendly.

Besøkende hilser på esler i Aitana Safari i Spania

And they gladly participate in a photo session.

Besøkende poserer for fotografen sammen med et esel i Ainta Safari i Spania

More excursions:

Excursion of the week: Aitana Safari

Getting there: From Alicante, drive the AP-7 north towards Valencia. Just before the toll booth, take the N-332 towards Villajoyosa. Follow N-332 until you have crossed the southern part of Villajoyosa. Then take the CV-770 towards Sella at the second exit to Villajoyosa. Follow CV-770 through Sella and further right a head until you reach the exit to the safari park. When you arrive at Sella, it is 10 km to Aitana Safari. As you approach the safari park, turn left and follow the signs. There is a large parking space on the outside. There is also a restaurant, toilets and souvenir shop. Coming from Altea, follow N-332 to the south until you reach the exit to Villajoyosa, in which there is also signs for Sella. Then follow the description given above.

Opening Hours: 11-18 all days

You can choose to follow a guided tour, travel by yourself, get a private guiding or a VIP tour. The option that will suit most is probably a guided tour. Then you drive your own car and stop when the guide car stops to give the animals food. This is probably the best way to get close to the animals. When the convoy stops, exit the car and go to the place where the guide gives the animals food and tells a little about the animal species you will see and how to behave. These tours start at 11am and at 15pm. However, you can also choose to travel on your own, and you can spend the whole day there if you wish. If you want to spend more money, you can also book your own guide to help you around. If you order the VIP package, you will receive your own guide, as well as a meal in the restaurant and a visit to Gueadelest. There is also a separate department for monkeys and snakes. This department has its own entrance, and there you do not drive a car.

Prices (per January 2017): Adult and children over 10 years pay 20 Euro. Children from 4 to 10 years pay 16 Euro and children under 4 years are free. (The price is 16 and 10 Euro respectively, if you are in a group of at least 25 people.)

Contact: If you want to order a guide or a meal or just inquire, call +34 965 529 273 or +34 659 520 409. During the high season it may be a good idea to book a table if you want to dine there. If you are so unfortunate to come right after a big busload, it can be difficult to accommodate.

Suitable for: Absolutely Everyone.

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