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Roseslottet on Tryvannshøgda

A little below Tryvannstårnet and with a view of Oslo, an art installation has been set up to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the liberation after World War II.

The artists Vebjørn Sand and little brother Eimund Sand have had the artistic responsibility for the installation, which consists of paintings, sculptures, constructions, text and sound.

The walkways are laid in a spiral shape to symbolize the Milky Way. About 100 of Vebjørn Sand's 250 paintings from the war period are exhibited on each side of the platforms.

At the entrance gate you are greeted by two large sculptures in wood and a red-painted pedestrian platform that gives associations to a red carpet.

Along the first part, there are portraits of famous people from World War II, but also many strangers who in their own way can tell a story from the war.

Vedbjørn Sand has met and portrayed them. The stories provide an insight into everyday life and small and large heroic deeds in a dramatic time.

The successful leader for XXL, Jon-Are Klemsdal, has been the leader of the project. Vebjørn Sand has invested almost NOK 50 million of its own funds to make it happen.

The paintings are several meters large. The people in the picture above are full size.

The installation is located on the same site as Vebjørn Sand set up Trollslottet - the large structure in steel and ice - in the winter of 1997/1998.

The project has received criticism from other artists for being commercial - it costs money to enter - and because Sand has been allowed to borrow the plot for free from Oslo Municipality.

When you look at the facility and the art, however, it is easy to understand that both Oslo Municipality and the zealots behind the project and the Rose Palace Foundation, have been convinced and engaged.

One of the main messages is that we must not take freedom, democracy and humanism for granted. These are values ​​you must fight for and protect - and if necessary sacrifice life for.

The king flees.

The new master people take over.

An educational project has been made that will make this an interesting offer for school classes.

Here you can learn about fascism, fanaticism, betrayal and what suffering a war brings - on both sides.

The picture above symbolizes the more than two million German women who were raped and abused when Germany fell.

The five-year night ended on May 8, 1945.

The installation was supposed to open on 8 May 2020, but the opening was postponed until 13 June due to the corona epidemic.

The art is for sale. It is intended that the installation will stand for one year, but hopefully it will be preserved a little longer.

Five 30-meter-high sculptures covered in gold colour have been mounted, symbolizing the five war years.

They have a view of Oslo and the inner Oslofjord, and are located close to Frognerseteren Metro Station. The facility is only a couple of hundred meters from Frognerseteren.

Parts of the installation are also lit during the day.

More excursions:

This week's excursion: Roseslottet on Tryvannshøgda by Frognerseteren in Oslo

Suitable for: Fits everyone. Adapted for the disabled. Can be visited no matter what the weather is like. Set aside plenty of time.

Get there: By car, follow Holmenkollveien from Smestad in Oslo towards Holmenkollen. Drive past the jumping facility and on until you reach a small pond on the right side a short distance before Tryvannstårnet. Here you can park in the parking lot on the left. Follow the signs on the right side of the road towards Frognerseteren and Roseslottet. If you want to take public transport, take the subway to Frognerseteren and get off at Frognerseteren station. It is right at the installation.

The facility is open from 10 to 23 every day. It costs 140 kroner for adults and 70 kroner for children and the elderly (salute).

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