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Kistefoss - industrial museum and sculpture park

An hour's drive from Oslo you will find a park with an industrial museum, art gallery and sculptures - and play areas for children.

The iconic spiral-shaped building that runs like a bridge from one side of the river to the other is known as The Twist.

It contains collections of modern art and installations.

Christian Sveaas owns the area and has established the art collections, the industrial museum and the Twist. He is the grandson of the founder of Kistefos Træsliperi.

Downstairs you get close contact with the river that flows past. If you are lucky, an otter family will visit.

In one of the installations, you get to feel how the satellite dish affects the sound. Stand up by the wire and talk into the dish. Those who stand a few meters behind, will experience the same sound effect.

The trip through the Twist is the start of a round trip. On the other side of the river awaits the sculpture park. The image below shows the back of the Twist.

The mirror in the river is inspired by the Twist. When you walk past it, the mirror image of yourself is turned upside down as you walk past it.

The factory buildings are preserved as they were. The same is true of much of the machinery and equipment used when this was a factory and a hydroelectric power plant.

In the factory buildings, the sounds of the machines and the work have been recreated. Here you also get to see how some of the machines worked.

The plant consisted of a wood grinding plant and a hydropower plant that supplied the plant with the necessary energy. When the wood grinding mill was closed down in 1955, the power plant was sold to the municipality.

The river that flows into Kistefossen is wide and has a large water flow.

Original bridge over the river just below Kistefossen.

More excursions:

Excursion of the week: Kistefoss industrial museum og skulpture park on Jevnaker

Suitable for: Everybody, the whole family. Wheelchairs and prams go well.

Duration: A few hours - there is a lot to see and easy to entertain young children.

Get there: From Oslo, take the E18 towards Drammen. Take the E16 towards Hønefoss by Sandvika. When you come to the sign for Jevnaker, turn right. Then drive straight ahead and follow the signs to Kistefoss.

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