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Halle-Vagnaren - primeval forest and panoramic views

In the nature conservation area on Høgdalsneset in Strömstad municipality, you look straight across to the Hvalerøyene in one moment. In the next you are in one of the best preserved coastal primeval forests in Sweden.

Many of the pine trees are well over 300 years old. The trip starts at Vagnsjö, a small pond in the middle of the forest.

Mostly you walk in forest terrain. The trails are well marked.

The forest is varied, in some places quite open, in other places denser.

About halfway you come to a wind-exposed area where the trees have become so crooked that they look like worms that have twisted around each other.

There you also get a view of the Swedish-Norwegian archipelago with the Whale Islands just a few kilometers away.

On the way back you walk through a magical forest with dead trees.

Nature often shows its best side when the sun is shining, but this is a trip that retains its qualities even if it is cloudy and gray. A little fog will even amplify the special mood.

A marked loop has been made so that you can go a round, but you can also turn around at the viewpoint and go back the same way you came. It's a little shorter, but then you do not get to see the dead forest.

More excursions:

This week's excursion: Tour of the Halle-Vagnaren nature conservation area.

Duration: about 3-4 km - 1-2 hours walk.

Suitable for: everybody in normal physical shape.

Get there: From the Norwegian border, take the E18 towards Nordby a couple of kilometers after the border crossing. Take off to Nordby shopping center and continue past the car parks. Follow the road straight until you reach a campsite. Drive through this too and continue straight ahead on a gravel road until you come to a barrier. There is a small parking lot where you can park. Continue on foot along the gravel road until you reach a wooden staircase on the right. This is the start of the marked trail. Then you see the pond at the bottom left.

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