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Syd-Koster - car-free paradise

Just outside Strömstad lies the Koster Islands. It consists of two larger islands and numerous islets. Here time has passed slowly.

Nature is typical of Bohuslän. The ice has shaped and rounded mountains and rocks. The vegetation is windblown, but beautiful.

In southern Koster, bicycle is the most common means of transport. There are a few cars, but they are used for business activities. Three-wheeled mopeds with a small load plan are frequently used by the locals.

The island has a network of small roads where you can cycle undisturbed. It does not take much more than half an hour to cycle from one end to the other.

In return, you can get everywhere.

Beaches are found almost everywhere. Some of them are magnificent.

Here you can watch the boat traffic and the Kosterboats.

The island has its own church.

From the highest point of the island, you can see the archipelago outside Strömstad.

As you cycle the country roads between farms and small houses and enjoy the silence, it's like going back decades in time. Here it is difficult to get stressed.

There are three sheltered ports.

You can hire bikes at all these places and you can leave them at any of them.

Visit a farm shop or studio. There is a large selection of local art. In the picture below you will find dyes extracted from the island's plants.

More excursions:

Excursion of the week: South Koster

Suitable for: Everyone. Wheelchairs as well as baby carriages run smoothly. You can hire a bike for 100-150 kroner the day, but you can also bring your own on the ferry.

Get there: Take the Kosterboat, which runs from the pier in Strømstad almost once per hour. The boat ride takes from 35 to 50 minutes depending on the route. Buy a return ticket on the boat, it's the cheapest.

Task: Where is this house?

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