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Elgåfossen - on the border

A few miles from Strömstad lies a waterfall that separates Norway from Sweden.

The Älgafallet as it is called in Swedish lies in the Bullaren just off Vassbotten. Here there are trails and viewpoints and a resting place just off the road across the border.

The border bridge over the river on the upper side of the falls has the flag of the two nations and can be crossed on foot. The surrounding area has beautiful forest nature.

There are paths and stairs that make it easy to move around the area. There is a separate parking area for the Älgafallet on the upper side of the waterfall, but there is also a parking space on the lower side not too far the border where Swedish national highway 165 crosses to the Norwegian national highway 22.

You come all the way to the falls and you can feel the pull of the strong forces in the booming water.

A trip to Elgåfossen is a pleasant experience for the whole family, not least for the children. The waterfall performs best in spring or after rainy periods.

It cannot compare with Norwegian waterfalls in western Norway, but is an attraction both in Bohuslän in Sweden and in Østfold in Norway.

The area below gives a nice overview of the whole waterfall. There are also paths in the wooded terrain with small streams.

More excursions:

Excursion of the week: Elgåfossen (norwegian) or Älgafossen (swedish).

Suitable for: Everyone, even small children. Not suitable for stroller or wheelchair.

Duration: If you park on the upper side and walk down the waterfall and a little around the area on the area below, the trip will be just over a mile each way.

Get there: From Strömstad it is 34 kilometers and the car ride is estimated to take 34 minutes. Take highway 176 station road (old E6) south to Skee. From Skee you continue on highway 164 towards Vassbotn. At Vassbotn there is a sign for the parking lot for the Älgåfallet.

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