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Bærum - Lake Østernvann

Just behind Løvenskiold shooting range at Fossum is a dammed lake which has previously been a source of drinking water for parts of Bærum, but which is now an idyllic swimming area.

The dam and the beaches next to it have become nice places for recreation and swimming.

You can get here from Fossum by walking on paths through the forest, or from Skytterkollen on forest roads.

There are paths along the water so it is possible to walk around the island. A round trip takes about 2 hours.

In many places you can find a little headland for yourself.

The only thing that spoils the idyll is the sound of the shooting range, which is a few hundred meters away.

More excursions:

This week's excursion: Trip to Østernvann

Suitable for: the whole family.

Length/duration: approx. 1 1/2 miles from the parking lot. About. 2 hour walk to walk around the water.

Get there: From Oslo, drive Rv 168 towards Røa. Once you have passed Røa, you have two options. One is to turn right towards Fossum right after the city border between Oslo and Bærum. Follow the signs to Fossum sports park. Park there and follow the signs on the forest road and blue-marked path through the forest to Østernvann. The other option is to drive a little further on Rv 168 and turn right at Grini golf course. Follow the signs to Ila National Prison and Løvenskiold shooting range and parks at Østervannsvingen car park. From there you can walk on forest roads to the dam of Østernvann.

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