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Villajoyosa - The orange road and the old olive tree

The road from Villajoyosa to Solgården along Rio Amadorio goes through orange plantations. A peaceful walk in a relaxed environment where time has stopped. One of the highlights is a three thousand year old olive tree.

Tre tusen år gammelt oliventre i utkanten av Villajoyosa

Buenas tardes - good afternoon - says the elderly gentleman greeting with his hat. In this area, everyone is treated with the same respect. Everyone smiles and greets.

En bonde har tatt hesten fatt for å komme seg frem

You'll find some rarities too. A local art gallery advertises with modern art exhibited on the roadside. We didn't dare to enter and can't tell much about the quality of the art.

Moderne kunst utstilt i veikanten ved Villajoyosa

Tha art gallery is supposed to be located in this house of which the outermost half has collapsed and disappeared.

The orange road passes through numerous orange plantations. Hence the name.

Appelsintre i en av appelsinfarmene i Villajoyosa i Spanina

Here and there we get a great view to the mountains. The mountain in the picture is called Puig Campana.

Utsikt til fjellene fra appelsinveien i Villajoyosa

Not all farms are in use anymore. In some plantations the trees have been neglected, in others they are dead.

Døde trær i nedlagt appelsinplantasje

This old finca has seen better days, but it still looks quite nice in the light of the sunset.

Nedlagt finca på veien mellom Villajoyosa og Solgården

A thin layer of asphalt and some electrical wires is the only sign of the new times on this country road.

Gatemiljø på strekningen mellom Villajoyosa og Solgårdetn

After they made the Amadorio dam, water flow has become significantly smaller. Nevertheless, there is growth conditions for trees and shrubs on both sides of the river river.

En kaktus langs veien fra Villajoyosa til Solgården

You start your walk in a street with the typical colorful houses of Villajoyosa along the sides.

More excursions:

The excursion of the week: The orange road of Villajoyosa.

Duration: Approximately four kilometers, 45 min walk at a slow pace each way.

Difficulty: Easy, fits everybody.

Locate: Start in the center of Villajoyosa at Plaza de la Generalitat right in front of the church. With your back against the oceon, you'll see the road Carrer Doctor Alvaro Esquerdo. Follow this road until you're at Solgården. (Don't turn left at first intersection - it ends blindly at the river).

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