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The gorge at Mascarat

Between Altea and Calpe in Spain, the water has for millennia cut a deep gorge - Cañon de Mascarat - which separates the Sierra Bernia mountain range from the Morro Toix cliff.

The area is geologically interesting, partly because the water in the river here was salty. That is why the gorge and the river are also called Barranco salado (the salt gorge).

A geological hiking trail has been arranged that makes it possible to see the effects of the water's forces up close. The trail starts at Mascarat Beach.

From the beach there is a path through a lush forest terrain along the river Barranc Salat up towards the Mascarat gorge.

The geological trail is marked white / green.

When you get further up in the valley, the vegetation becomes more sparse and you get a view of the pass with the bridges for cars and railways.

The terrain is spectacular with cracks and deep valleys. Here, the N-332 and the railway between Altea and Dénia run partly in a tunnel and partly on bridges.

Even though it is narrow, it is possible to get a good distance into the gorge.

After approx. 50 meters it ends in a dried waterfall.

The geological trail starts at the beach at Mascarat. Follow the signs for the geological hiking trail. To get to the bridges, you have to cross a paved road.

More excursions:

Excursion of the week: The gorge at Mascarat

Length: approx. 1 kilometer each way.

Suitable for: Everyone in normal physical shape, including children.

Get there: Follow the N-332 from Alicante past Altea towards Calpe. Turn right towards Mascarat some distance before exiting Calpe. There are two possible exits, both of which are signposted. Follow the road to the beach at Mascarat which is east of the harbor. The trip starts at the information sign at the end towards the forest.

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