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Muraig - smuggler beach with underwater caves

Cala de Muraig was once a nest for smugglers. It is easy to understand when you see how difficult it is to access this place. Even when you lean out over the ditch 100 meters above the beach, you don't get a complete overview. Today it is a holiday paradise. The underwater caves are a mecca for divers.

Stranden på Cala de Muraig

The beach faces south-east and is shadowed in the afternoons for large parts of the year. Thus, morning and noon is best for sunbath.

Utsikt til stranden fra toppen av klippen

From the top of the cliff you only see parts of the beach. Therefore, this was a "safe haven" for smugglers.

Even if you can drive a car down to the beach, it's recomended to park on the top and walk down.

Spiss klippe på toppen av Cala de Moraig

On the way down to the beach, there is a path to this rocky cliff that lies above the underwater cave. Don't go outside the rail.

Steiner på enden av stranden

Grotten som fører inn til den underjordiske elven

The entrance to a 1000 meter long cave lies at the west side of the beach. The cave houses an underground river that expands here. At its most extreme, the cave is 62 meters deep. This is a very popular place for divers.

Skalldyr på restauranten

The restaurant can offer live shellfish to your needs.

Pynt på restauranten på stranden

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The excursion of the week: Cala de Moraig - the smuggler beach

Suitable for: Everyone. It is possible to drive down to the beach for the disabled, but ther isn't many parking spaces there.

Getting there: From Alicante you follow AP7 to Altea. Then N-332 past Calpe and Benissa. After Benissa, take off to Teulada. Then follow CV-741 and CV-743 towards Moraira. When you arrive at Paichi, take CV-737 towards Alcasar where you turn right and follow small, narrow roads towards Montecala. Eventually there will be signs for Cala de Moraig. It can be difficult to find the right way, so ensure that you have enough time.

Challenge: Can you find this place?

Cala de Moraig is located near Moraira and Alcasar

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