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La ruta Punta del Calvall - ruins of watchtower at Benidorm

From the east side of Levante beach in Benidorm on the Costa Blanca, a route runs along the cliffs to Mirador Serra Gelada and the ruins of an old watchtower.

From Mirador Serra Gelada you can see the start of Serra Gelada and the nature conservation area linked to it.

This is an easy route that mostly runs on paved roads without car traffic. It starts at the very east end of Levante beach in Benidorm.

Go up the hill that continues in a direct line from the beach and turn right into Calle Alcalde Manuel Catalán Chana after about 50 metres. Follow the signs for Serra Gelada.

After about 400 m there is a crossroads/roundabout. Take the road up to the left. The road down to the right leads to the nude beach Cala Tio Ximo.

As shown on the map below, there is only one road that goes from Levante Beach to Mirador Serra Helada and the Watchtower. The road on the level below only goes to the nude beach.

After a further 400 m there is a junction with a roadblock. Take the road up to the left.

At the top there is a new roadblock. Continue straight ahead. From here there is no car traffic.

At one point on the route you can see the famous cross that was erected as a church protest against Franco's approval of bikinis on the beaches in the 1950s.

The trip goes through a beautiful coastal landscape.

From the watchtower and along the route back you get a good view of Benidorm and the small island of Benidorm.

Benidorm is also called little Manhattan - perhaps with good reason.

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Excursion of the week: La Ruta del Punta del Cavall - from Levante Beach in Benidorm to Mirador Serra Gelada - ruins of watchtower. Back and forth the same way.

Length: 1.7 kilometers each way, a total of 3.4 km. It takes about 1 1/2 - 2 hours.

Suitable for: Everyone, also with a wheelchair or pram. It is uphill for the first 800 metres, but after this it is quite flat. This is a pleasant, relatively short trip for the whole family.

Get there: Search for Parking Ametlla De mar. You will then come straight to the nearest car park. Alternatively: From Alicante or Altea drive the N-332 towards Benidorm. Take the Benidorm Levante exit. Drive down to the beach and follow the road Avenida de Mediterráneo along the beach to the east as far as it goes. Park in one of the streets there or in a parking garage just at the end of the road.

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