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Aitana - Fat mans agony

Aitana is the highest mountain in the Alicante region (1558 meters above sea level). Here you will find a number of nice hiking trails giving you a fabulous view.

The most famous point is the narrow pass which of natural causes is called "fat mans agony".

Another attraction is the hole in the mountain.

The trip starts at about 900 meters altitude and rises about 600 altitude meters. You start at a car park and go first towards Port de Tudons and then towards Passet de la Rabosa.

It will not take long before the view gets fine.

The hike is a round trip where you first walk up to the right side of the mountain crest. The trail is marked white and yellow, but is sparsely marked. Follow the most trafficked route.

Keep right until you see the dome on top. The dome and masts are a military facility. When you reach the natural water well, turn left and follow signs to Pass de Rabosa.

Here you can fill the water bottle with clean water. After a short while, you will now come to the rocks leading up to the pass.

Here's a little climbing that does not require any kind of equipment and that does not have dangerous parts, although a few meters may seem a little intimidating if you are afraid of heights.

The reward is great when you reach the summit. Then you'll have a great view for several kilometers.

After reaching the top, continue back towards the coast along the edge. Here you will get a nice view of the backside of the Puig Campana which is the second highest mountain in the region.

At this point you can see the Calpe cliff in the east and Benidorm and Villajoyosa in the west. You can also see Guadelest and Denia.

Here in the height you are literally up in the clouds. Now and then a small cloud might pass by, darken the sun and give you a little chill.

Continue until you reach a gravel road. Then turn left towards Benifato. The trip down is pleasant and mostly on good gravel roads.

A little further down you will see the remains of the Moors diligent work of making terraced farming.

Along the way you can see several types of spices. If you use your eyes well, you can find a sign showing timothy plants. In the picture below you will see a saffron flower.

More excursions:

Ukens utflukt: Sierra Aitana - Passet de la Rabosa

Length: Approximately 4 hours and ca 10 kilometers.

Suitable for: Everyone who is in a good physical form.

Get there: Take CV 70 from Benidorm towards Nucia or take CV 763 towards Nucia from Albir. Continue on CV 70 through Pollop and to Guadelest. Drive through Guadelest and continue past Benimantell until after few kilometers reach Benifato. Exit from CV 70 on the left at the sign to Benifato. The road then rises towards the mountain. Just before reaching Benifato, turn right right onto a narrow partially paved road. Follow this narrow and very winding road up for several kilometers until you reach a parking lot. Here the road stops and you can park. At the end of the parking lot there are signs for the hiking trails. There are several trails, but you must first go to Port de Tudons and then follow the signs to Passet de la Rabosa.

Challenge: Can you find this on your way?

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