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Strømstad - the green forest

Strømstad has many nice hiking trails in woods and coastal terrain. In the "industrial area" Prästengen there is a 1, 2 and 4 km slope runway where you can jog or walk on soft woodland in an open and airy forest where the field is always green all year round.

Løpebanen i Prästengen i Strømstad

The terrain has adapted wide paths of different lengths, 1 kilometer (red), 2 kilometers (blue) and 4 kilometers (white). Do you want to run 3 kilometers, you add one red and one blue loop, if you want to run for 5, 6 or 7 km, combine the red, blue and yellow/white loop. The loops are well marked and go through a varied hilly terrain.

Throughout the trails there you'll find small information posters where you can read a bit about the animals that live here. You'll also get tips on simple exercises you can do along the way.

If you rather would want to go on a discovery tour, you can choose the adventure loop. It is also marked white, but the marks are small square reflexes on the tree trunks. It's fun for kids to look for the marks. Most of the time you go on narrow paths, but where the ground is rocky, look for the white marks on the rocks.

It's even better when it's cloudy or raining. Then the green color becomes extra deep and nice, and the big tree crowns absorb most of the rain.

The adventure loop runs in a more rugged terrain than the runway. Here you have to climb a bit, jump over or creep under a fallow tree here and there. And everywhere you go, it's green - green - green.

The adventure trail is marked with white reflexes as on the tree in the picture.

In some places you can play a little, such as in this gaphouse.

There are some viewpoints where you can see parts of Strømsvannet and the surrounding fields. Here you can also have a barbecue.

In the last part of the adventure loop the scenery changes character. For a while you get the feeling of approaching the mountain.

When you're done, you can add some strength training with weights in wood, stretch out a little or climb the rib wall.

If you are early, you can see the sunrise through the tree crowns.

More excursions:

Excursion of the week: Running track at Prästengen in Strømstad. A nice excursion regardless of weather you want to exercise, take a leisurely stroll or go exploring. If it's raining, you are more protected from the rain and the wind here than elsewhere.

Difficulty: Suitable for everyone. The adventure loop can be a bit demanding in some places, but even small children can handle it.

Length: As long as you want. Minimum 1 kilometer.

Getting there: If you're coming from the North, exit from E6 towards Strømstad, then turn left at the first roundabout (where Eurocash is located). Continue straight through a roundabout and over a bridge. Once you have driven approximately half a mile, you will arrive at a big store (Coop and Jysk) on your left hand side. Turn left into Prästengveien. Drive straight ahead through a roundabout and continue until the settlements ends. Here you will find a bus parking lot on the right side. Turn right immediately after this. There is a sign for the running track there, but it's small. Park at the small parking lot in the end of the road, or along the road if it is full.

Challenge: Can you find this spot on your way?

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