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Stensvik - Sweden's westernmost point

Sweden's westernmost point is only a few kilometers from Strømstad. It must be Sweden's most anonymous and secluded attraction. For those who like to go exploring, it's a nice goal.

Sveriges vestligste punkt

Along the road there are smooth rocks and shallow sand beaches.

Time can be merciless to old woodworking in a rough environment with sun, wind and salt.

The first part of the trail goes through idylic forests.

Sti gjennom skogen til Sveriges vestligste punkt

When you stand at the top of Varden, which marks Sweden's westernmost point, you will see Bohuslän's beautiful archipelago to the south.

To the west lies the southeasternest part of the Hvalerøyene on the Norwegian side - the Søndre Sandøy. In the distance you get a glimpse of Herføl.

The small things in life.

Excursion of the week: Sweden's westernmost point.

Suitable for: Most people will be able to cope with this trip, but the last part requires that you can move around in rough terrain and climb a little over smooth rocks.

Duration: About 2 kilometers each way.

Locate: When you come from Oslo, take off E6 right after the border and drive towards Nordby shopping center. Continue straight ahead until you reach the crossing where you can turn right to Løkholmen. Coming from the south, turn right at the exit 113 Hogdalsmotet and continue "old E6" towards the border a short distance until you reach the exit to Løkholmen.

Follow the signs towards Løkholmen until you are almost there. Turn right towards Kungsvik just before you reach Løkholmen. Follow the road until you reach Kungsvik camping. There you can park.

The hike starts here. Follow the road along the beach to the west (hold right) as far as you can. Follow the road up to the right when it goes away from the beach. Where the road turns to the right, you will see a yellow and black house on the left hand side (see picture below). Just next to the black house, just behind the car in the picture, there is a path into the forest. Follow this.

You have to move close to find the starting point for the trail.

The trail is not marked or signposted, but is relatively easy to follow. It eventually leads you to cliffs and smooth rocks by the sea to the west. Turn right and follow the coast a few hundred meters. There you will find a top with a white cairn. That's the place.

Important! When you go back, it can be difficult to see where the path through the forest begins. Therefore, carefully note where it comes out when you get out of the woods. If necessary, leave an item that you can bring back when you return.

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Kart til Sveriges vestligste punkt

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