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Sierra Bernia - through and around

The Bernia mountain has a cave that passes through the mountain. The first ten meters you have to bend down quite heavily. On the other side you get a magnificent view to the Mediterranean and Altea Valley.

The trip starts at the back of the mountain in the Halon Valley. You'll get through the mountain to the right in the photo, almost at the top. You'll walk along the mountain side to your right (left in the photo), and round back to the starting point on the other side.

You'll start close to a restaurant that is only open during the summer season. The first part goes on a cart track. Turn left and follow the sign to Forat (meaning hole).

Skilt til Forat og Fort de Bernia

After a few hundred meters you'll reach a crossroads. Take the stairs to the right and follow the signs to Fort de Bernia via Forat.

Skilt til Fort de Bernia via Forat

Then follow the path along the mountain side.

Østsiden av Sierra Bernia

Here you'll have a great view of Halóndalen, a place you should visit in February when fruit tree bloom is on top.

Just before you get to the cave, you'll have to climb a little bit. There are several trails there, but keep right all the time, and you'll get the easiest route.

Siste klatretur før hulen

The cave is barely visible in the terrain. You'll have to be right in front of it to be able to see it.

Hulen gjennom fjellet i Sierra Bernia

On the other side of the mountain, the cave opening is much wider. Then you've "walked" through the entire mountain, but it's only 30-40 meters.

Åpningen i hulen gjennom Sierra Bernia

The view on the other side makes it all worthwhile. Here you'll get a good overview of the Altea valley. Sierra Helada is seen at the top right of the image. On the left, Benidorm is situated with the little Benidorm island outside.

Utsikten fra vestsiden av Sierra Bernia

Once you get out of the mountain, turn right and follow a marked path to Fort de Bernia. You'll pass a few rockeries along the way.

Veien langs fjellet mot Fort de Bernia

Fort de Bernia was strategically well located with å good view to the sea where the pirates could appear.

Ruiner etter Fort de Bernia

However, the fortress was soon closed because it proved to be too difficult to defend because of the terrain behind.

Detalj fra ruinene til Fort de Bernia

Fort de Bernia is a nice place for a break. Continue along the mountain side to the north on the marked path (yellow and white).

Stien etter Fort de Bernia

You must now go around the mountain to the right and have to descend and ascend a couple of times before coming across to the east side of the mountain. The view to the north is also beautiful.

Utsikt på nordsiden av Sierra Bernia

The descent on the other side (east side) of Sierra Bernia goes on gravel roads. Here you'll pass farmed areas.

Gårsdrift på østsiden av Sierra Bernia

Finally, you'll see the restaurant.

Restauranten du skal tilbake til

More excursions:

Excursion of the week: Sierra Bernia

Suitable for: The trip is not demanding, but it's relatively long som you should be in good shape. It is no problem to bring children.

Duration: 3-4 hours.

Localize: Take N-332 to Altea, then further along N-332 past Calpe in direction Benissa. Aften about 20 km from Altea, turn left onto CV-750. The road is signposted to Xaló. After 30 meters turn left towards Sierra Bernia (the road straight ahead leads to Xaló or Halon Valley). Then follow CV-749 towards Pinos and Bernia. After about 15 kilometers you'll reach a crossing where the road on the right is signposted to a restuarant. Turn left (direction without sign) and drive a couple of hundred meters to another restaurant. Park in the parking lot at the restaurant.

Walk the gravel road past the restaurant and turn left towards Forat de Bernia (Forat means opening) at the first crossroads. Then follow the yellow and white marked trail, first to Forat de Bernia (about 1 hour by a path with moderate elevation). On the other side of the mountain, follow a path to the right to Fort de Bernia (about 1 hour and 15 minutes in light bumped terrain ). Thereafter continue the path towards north/east around the mountain and then down to the parking lot (about 1 hour and 15 minutes).

Challenge: Can you find this place on our way?

Dal i Sierra Bernia

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