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Calpe - the climbing and the view

When you are under the steep mountain wall of the Calpeklipp, it seems unbelievable that in about an hour you can stand on top and admire one of Spain's most beautiful coastal areas, but thanks to a tunnel and a little bolted rope, you reach one of Ernest Hemmingway's favorite places.

Calpe-klippen sett fra vest

The Calpe promontory is a conservation area that will be preserved as it is for future generations. It belongs to the Alicante area in the Valencia region.

Turveien i starten av oppstigningen til Calpe-klippen

To get into the area, you have to go through a counting machine to ensure that it does not get too crowded at the top and along the ascension. The first part of the route takes place on a nicely landscaped hike with banister on both sides.

Tunnel gjennom det bratteste partiet på Calpa-klippen

As you approach the steep part of the rock, the rail leads you through a tunnel to a more gentle area at the back.

Tunnel i Calpe-klippen

The tunnel is relatively spacious and you can hold on to the ropes on the sides.

På de bratteste partiene kan man holde seg fas

Tau til hjelp i de bratteste partiene

Where it is difficult to get up, you get the help of rope.

Stien nær toppen av Calpeklippen

The more you approach the top, the better the view.

Utsikt fra-toppen av Calpeklippen

Utsikt mot øst fra Calpeklippen

Oversikt over stien opp til toppen

Utsikt mot vest fra Calpeklippen

On the way back, it is easier to see how it is possible to climb this cliff without rock climbing equipment.

Más excursiones:

The excursion of the week: Climbing the Calpe cliff

Duration: Calculate approx. one hour up and 45 min down. The top is at 332 meters above sea level, and you start fairly close to the sea level.

Suitable for: Everybody who is in normal physical form. Not suitable for people with fear of heights. Children must be looked after. The trip is not dangerous as long as you stick to the marked path. There have been fatal accidents, but only for persons who have gone outside the marked trail. On hot days it is important to bring enough drinks. If you have heart or lung disease, you should take it easy.

Getting there: From Alicante follow the AP7 to Altea. From Altea follow N-332 towards east. Take off from N-332 in the first possible exit to Calpe. Keep left (straight forward) at the first roundabout. You are then in Avenida Diputacion which eventually turns into Av. de los Ejércitos Españoles. Keep straight through several roundabouts until you have got water on the left side and see the Calpe cliff. Turn right at the first roundabout and then follow the road straight until you reach a large parking lot at the foot of the Calpeklippen.

Activities: Nice beaches and restaurants.

Task: Can you find this place?

Utsikt til sjøen mellom bartrær

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