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From Fonts de l'Algar to Fort Bernia - hike in mountains

The ruins of Fort Bernia in the Sierra Bernia are a destination for several hikes. This runs from the natural water sources Fonts de l'Algar.

Park at DinoPark Algar. 50 meters past the entrance, there is a road uphill to the left. Follow this road for approx. 500 meters until you reach a hilltop. Just as the road begins to descend again, a gravel road goes sharply up to the right. It is marked yellow/white.

Follow this for approx. 400 meters until you reach a small car park. There, a narrow yellow/white-marked gravel road goes sharply up to the right. Follow this one.

It is possible to drive up to this car park, but the road is in very poor condition, and it is easy to get damaged under the car if you do not have extra high ground clearance. It is also not possible to pass oncoming cars. This is therefore not recommended.

After a couple of hundred meters you come to a crossroads where the dirt road apparently continues straight ahead. Take the marked path to the left. From here it goes up steeply.

When the climb flattens out, you come to the ruins of a farmhouse.

After this you will come to another crossroads where the sign is unfortunately broken. Turn left and follow the sign to Fort Bernia.

The slopes are steep, but the path goes in hairpin bends. Although the climb is physically demanding, it is therefore not technically demanding.

You will eventually get a good view of the mountains to the west, the Mediterranean to the south and the Sierra Bernia to the east. Always follow the yellow/white marks and signs to Fort Bernia.

Fort Bernia was built in 1562 for King Filipe II by the architect Juan Bautista Antonelli. The idea was that the good view here from 818 meters above sea level would make it easy to spot pirates and enemy forces.

The fort was manned with a small garrison, but was only in operation for a few years, and in 1612 King Filipe III decided that it should be demolished to prevent the Moors gaining a foothold there.

The reason why the fort was only used for a few years was that it was difficult to defend from the east side up towards the Sierra Bernia. Here enemy forces would be able to come by surprise, and they would have the advantage of being able to fire down on the fort from the slope above.

The trip goes forward and back the same way. You climb approx. 500 meters in altitude. From the car park shown in the picture above, the trip is approx. 8 km long. But from DinoPark Algar it is approx. 10 km.

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Excursion of the week: Route from Fonts de l'Algar to Fort Bernia in the Sierra Bernia - a hike in mountains

Suitable for: People in normally good physical shape. The trip is not technically difficult, but can be physically demanding.

Duration: approx. 5 hours from DinoPark Algar. Length approx. 10 km.

Get there: Search for DinoPark Algar in Google Maps. Park here. Alternatively: Take exit CV-70 towards la Nucía from the N-332 or A7 at Benidorm. Drive through la Nucía and on to Polop and from there towards and through Callosa d'en Sarriá. Then follow signs to Fonts de l'Algar and on to DinoPark Algar.

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