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Sandvannet by Krokstrand

In the forest on the hill above Krokstrand at the very bottom of the Idefjorden where the border between Norway and Sweden runs, lies a small idyllic water.

Here, the ice has shaped the mountain into a perfect swimming spot where you can stroll comfortably out into the water.

There is not much space here, but it is not needed either, because although there are cottage areas nearby, there are few people here.

If you arrive early in the morning, or a little out of season, you can have the place to yourself.

A couple of hundred meters from the bathing area there is a barbecue area (wind shelter) where you can cook and seek shelter in case rain.

When you are at the bathing place, you are in Sweden. The forest you see on the opposite side of the water, on the east side, is in Norway. This is one of the few places where Norway is east of Sweden.

The trip from Krokstrandveien to Sandvannet is partly on a forest road and partly on trails in the forest.

Here you will find mushrooms as well as berries.

With regard to population density, there is a big difference between the coast area and a few miles inland. In Krokstrand there are far fewer cabins. Here you can enjoy the tranquility of the forest.

Excursion of the week: Sandvannet ved Krokstrand

Suitable for: People of all ages in normal good shape, but not for stroller / wheelchair

Duration: approximately 1 1/2 hour / 8 kilometers

Get there: Follow the E6 south from Strömstad. Take the E6 towards Skee, then follow the signs to Krokstrand. Park in a parking lot at the old pier in Krokstrand. At the driveway to the parking lot there is an overview map of hiking trails. Follow the marked hiking trail south towards Håvedalen. The first four kilometers the trail runs along the road to Krokstrand. It is quite a big climb, and here you get nice views of the Idefjorden. Once you reach the top, take the marked trail to the left into the forest. Then follow the trail for about 4 km until you reach a sign where you turn left towards the viewpoint / wind shelter. From there it is a few hundred meters to the water. You will first reach the bathing area. To get to the barbecue area (wind shelter), follow the path to the left along the water.

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