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Oslo - Bogstad Manor

A short bus ride from the city center in Oslo, you will find a place oozing with old grandeur and the intrinsic beauty of nature. What once was a residence and tumbling space for a single-family, now is a museum and a place for everybody.

The little house at the beach was probably used to relax after a good dinner, and maybe they took a swim on their private beach.

Or maybe they used this little bathhouse instead? They could choose as they wished.

Originally Bogstad was a small farm far out in the countryside. In the 1300s it was converted into a monastery, and in 1649 it was incorporated into Vækerø owned by councilor Morten Lauritzen.

Later the farm has been owned by famous men such as Peder Anker and Herman Wedel-Jarlsberg father and son. In 1955 Nini Egeberg (daughter of Herman Wedel-Jarlsberg) testified the farm and agricultural property to Bogstad Foundation.

Today, the Norwegian Folk Museum, which runs the visiting farm on behalf of the foundation. Thus the area is made available to the public.

At certain times you can visit the animals on the farm. There are also many activities that you can participate in, which provide insight into earlier farming.

From the main building you have a view of Bogstad water and Bogstad golf course on the other side.

The park has its own little pond with a waterfall and a bridge.

The reknowned Bogstad golf course is located on the other side of the lake. There are hiking routes even there, but preferably for use out of the golf season.

Bogstadvannet is a great place for recreation. Close to the farm there is a sandy beach.

More excursions:

Excursion of the week: A walk in the park around Bogstad farm.

Suitable for: All, including wheelchair and stroller.

Duration: The walk is only 1-2 kilometers, but spend some time to enjoy the view.

Get there: From the city center in Oslo, take subway line 2 towards Østerås to Røa (12 min). From there, take bus 41 towards Sørkedalen to Bogstad farm (about 5 minutes). By car, you follow RV 168 from Majorstuen to Røa. Then turn right towards Sørkedalen. After a few minutes, you will see a parking lot on the right side and the farm with the park on the left.

Challenge: Can you find this trunk?

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