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Lysakerelven - a Nordic jungle

If you wonder what to do today, explore Lysaker River (Lysakerelven). As you walk along the Lysaker River's upper part from Jar to Bogstad water, you get the feeling of having entered another world.

Tursti langs elvebredden av Lysakerelven

In some places, the vegetation is so dense that it's like going through a green tunnel. The sky is completely covered with foliage, and to the sides you can see only a few meters. It is only the sound of the river that says it is only a few meters away. The noise of the cars disappears as soon as you start the steep descent to the river. Instead, your ears are filled with sounds from the nature.

Åpne røtter langs elvebredden av Lysakerelven

After a few hundred meters you encounter a bridge. Here you can cross Lysakerelven and continue on the Oslo side, but you can also stay on the same side - a path runs on both sides of the river.

The terrain is hilly, and it goes up and down like in a roller coaster over roots and rocks. The trail is quite narrow and it is steep down to the river in some places. But you are well protected by a solid handrail. The trail and the terrain are suitable for both jogging and hiking. For the most part, you have both the path and the river for yourself as you walk along Lysakerelven.

The forest is protected. Therefore dead trees are lying as they fall.

Stryk i øvre del av Lysakerelven

A small trout made a leap as we approached a pool in Lysakerelven where a couple had sat down on small folding chairs with a picnic basket in front of them. The man was about to pack the fishing gear - the woman closed the thermos. In this part of the river you can get trout from the local solid strain, but you must be lucky if it is over half a kilo.

Grini bro og demning før Grinifossen og Grini Mølle

We finished the trip by Grini Bridge, but made a short stop at Grini Mølle first. There has been activity here since 1686 when the Grinifossen was converted to a "power plant". The building that stands there today is from 1876 and was originally both mill and sawmill. Løvenskiold used the plant as a power station for a while (from 1915-1950). In 1946 Hans Sundt Monrad & Co started furniture production, and now Grini Mølle Møbelforretning is in charge of it.

Demingen ved Grini Mølle

More excursions:

Excursion of the week: Lysaker River from Jar to Grini Bridge

Length: 3.5 km each way (7 km in total)

Time: Plan to use 1 1/2 - 2 hours due to the hilly terrain.

Places you pass: Holtekulpen, Røafossen and Mølladammen.

Getting there: We started at Jar Metro Station and walked a few hundred meters along Bærumsveien in the direction of Oslo. Just before the bottom of the valley where Lysakerelven flows under the road and separates Oslo from Bærum, we left onto a 5 kilometer long hiking trail marked Bogstad water via Grini bridge.


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