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Nansenparken - Fornebu in new costume

If you want a little nostalgia and like to be reminded of how it was when Fornebu was the country's main airport and the only place where something was open on Sundays - or if you just want to do something - take the family to the Nansen Park at Fornebulandet.

Allé i Nansenparken ved Fornebu

Fornebu is an exciting urban development area where more than eight thousand residential units and countless commercial buildings will be built. Fortunately, city developers have taken care of the opportunities for recreation. It is set by a relatively large park area - Nansen Park. The picture above shows one of the allies in the park and nature conservation area in the Nansen Park on Fornebulandet.

In the Nansen Park, one has attempted to recreate the wetland that was there before Fornebu airport was built. However, some new elements have also been included. For example, you can see fountains that send water jets into the air like geysers, in the middle of a flower bed.

The river has been reopened and forms the basis of a couple of artificial water basins.

Benk for rekreasjon ved våtmarksområde i Nansenparken ved Fornebu

If you continue down to the fjord, you will enter a large conservation area that has also been set back to the way it was before the airport was built. Here, thousands of plants and trees have been planted from the species that lived here before asphalt and chemicals put an end to the vegetation. However, they have as well taken care of the airport history. Here and there you can see parts of the foundation of the lights that guided the planes to the right place and pieces of concrete deck on the flystrip. Of course you can also see the old tower that has been a landmark for decades. The picture above shows a place of reflection in the lower part of the Nansen park at Fornebulandet.

Strand på Storøya ved Fornebu

There is a relatively large sandy beach with good toilet facilities near the Nansen Park. If you continue along the beach, you can hike several kilometers along paths and roads in the kind of nature that the area originally had.

Statue av Fritjof Nansen i Nansenparken ved Fornebu

A statue of Fritjof Nansen thrones on top of a pile. Throughout the park, more than four kilometers of walking and cycling routes are used for strolling, jogging, cycling, roller skating and all other ways to get along. The Nansen Park is nominated for an architect prize. In this park everybody will find something to do.

More excursions:

Excursion of the week: Nansenparken

Length: As long as you wish. You can get through the park in twenty minutes, but you can also spend a couple of hours. Suitable for all ages.

Getting there: Drive to Fornebu from E-18 at Lysaker. Drive to Storøyafeltet and park there, or do some shopping in the shopping center and leave the car in the parking lot for a while.


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