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Munkkyrkan - spectacular cave in Grebbestad

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

In Grönemad a few kilometers north of Grebbestad in Sweden there is a beautiful cave in a distinctive coastal landscape.

The cave is a rock formation formed during the ice age. It is 11-12 meters deep and has smooth polished walls with beautiful patterns.

At the end, there are rounded stones at the outlet for water flow from earlier times. The entire length of the cave is visible from the entrance.

Outside a minor cave next to Munkkyrkan there is a large rock that with a little imagination can be interpreted as a guardian of the cave.

On the beach below there is a flat stone called the altar stone.

The rock in the picture below shows the way to the cave. At the back of it you will find the Munkkyrkan (the Monastery Church).

Just to the right of the stone some 30 meters from the water, there is a small cave. The image below shows the size ratios and the two cave entrances.

The small cave is also beautiful from the inside, but is only 2-3 meters deep.

Just below Munkkyrkan there are beautiful black rounded stones smoothed by ice and water.

To get to Munkkyrkan you drive to the public beach in Grönemad just north of Grebbestad. Park the car at the parking lot.

Follow the shoreline north (to the right when facing the beach) past a marina.

After a few hundred meters you come to a staircase. Go up this and follow the marked route further over a small "mountain" and further along the beach.

Follow the coastline further past a beach with pebbles.

From the end of the pebble beach, walk 75 meters until you reach the rock in the picture below.

The cave called Munkkyrkan is located approx. 30 meters from the water. You have to climb a little to get there, but it is not dangerous or difficult.

More excursions:

The excursion of the week: Munkkyrkan in Grönemad at Grebbestad

Length: approx. 1 km each way

Suited for: all in normal shape - difficult for the disabled

Get there: Take the E6 from the Norwegian border towards Gothenburg. Turn right at exit 106 Rylandsmotet at Tanumshede. Follow road 163 towards Grebbestad. Turn right at the church just before the city center. Then follow Grönemadveien and signposts to Grönemad until you reach a beach. Turn right on Lambs väg just before the beach and park the car at the car park 50 meters from the water. Go right (north) and then follow the description in the article above to get to Munkkyrkan. It's just a 10-15 minutes walk.

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