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Grebbestad - idyllic on Sweden's west coast

Grebbestad is one of the most beautiful small towns along the coast of Norra Bohuslän in Sweden. It is located a few miles south of Strömstad, approx. 45 minutes by car from the Norwegian border.

The town and the harbor lie in the lee of a cliff and the surrounding islands.

In the town center there are small, older wooden houses and narrow streets. Most of the original buildings have been preserved.

The main street runs through the center of the town from the church and along the harbor towards Fjellbäcka.

It can sometimes get cramped here when cars, pedestrians and pavement shops have to compete for space.

Grebbestad has traditionally subsisted on fishing, particularly shellfish. Half of all Swedish lobster and crayfish and almost all Swedish oysters come from Grebbestad.

Together with the catching of crabs and prawns, this has given the town a reputation as a shellfish mecca.

In recent decades, tourism has become an equally important business. In summer, there are more leisure boats than fishing boats in the harbour.

The famous visual artist Evert Taube lived on Otterö just outside Grebbestad when he wrote some of his most famous and immortal songs in the early 1950s.

If you want a different perspective, you can climb the staircase in the southern end of the harbour to get to the top of the cliff behind Grebbestad. There you get a view of the city and the archipelago beyond.

If you would like a short hike, you can also access the viewpoint from the eastern side of the town.

To get there, drive to the back of town and park in the Innfartsparkering car park on Repslagargatan.

From the car park it is only approx. 200 meters to the intersection between Repslagargatan and Stensågarevägen. There starts a marked path that leads you to the viewpoint.

More excursions: www.turideer.com

Excursion of the week: Grebbestad on Sweden's west coast.

Length: The path to the viewpoint is approx. 400 long. It is well organised.

Get there: Follow the E6 from the Norwegian border towards Gothenburg. Turn right into Rylandsmotet (106) at Tanumshede. Follow the signs to Grebbestad. There is a large car park on the right at the bottom of the hill from the church.

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