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Sandvikselva - new river promenade

With the upgrade of Kadettangen outside Sandvika, a promenade has also been created along the Sandvikselva (Sandvika River) from the river outlet to Løkke bridge.

New walkways and bridges up the river have made this area far more accessible.

The new Kadettangen is in itself worth a visit. Here it has become a large sand beach after filling masses from the new E16 towards Hønefoss were used to expand the beach area.

At the estuary there are recreation areas with benches and play areas for children.

Several works of art have been set up along the river. Some are permanent, others are replaced at certain intervals.

New outdoor restaurants have been added, but old restaurants have also become more accessible.

The promenade itself starts at the estuary and ends just before Løkke Bridge - also called the Monet Bridge.

When Løkke bridge was opened in 1829, it was Norway's first cast iron bridge. The bridge is especially known for Claude Monet's painting which was presented in 1895 and still hangs in the National Gallery.

If you cross Løkke bridge, you can continue along the river bank to the right, or go straight ahead and catch the river about a hundred meters further ahead.

New hiking trails and new bridges have been built across the river so that it has become easy to follow it up towards Vøyenenga.

In several places along the hiking trails, it is possible to go down to the river bank and to the river course itself when the water level allows it.

Previously, a pair of Kingfishers nested near the Monet Bridge.

Unfortunately, they no longer do that, but Norway's national bird Fossekallen is a frequent guest.

You can continue along the river all the way up to Kalkmølla cultural station at Fransefoss use, and further up towards Vøyenenga and Lommedalen.

More excursions:

This week's excursion: The new beach promenade by the Sandvik river outside Oslo.

Length: The trip can be made short if you only want a walk in the area near the estuary, but can also be done as long as you want if you want to continue on hiking trails / roads up along the river to Lommedalen.

Fits everyone. Wheelchairs and prams go well on the promenade and walking paths.

Get there: From Oslo, take the E18 at Blommenholm. Follow Sandviksveien Rv 164 towards Sandvika. The Kadettangen is located on the left side just off the road. Follow Sandviksveien straight ahead through a roundabout and under the highway bridge. Turn right right after the bridge and follow the narrow road to the river and on towards the estuary. There is a parking lot at Nye Kadettangen.

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