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Källviken i Strømstad - hike in beautiful terrain

Källviken has its own pizza restaurant and rooms and cabins you can enjoy with views to the beautiful archipelago of Bohuslän, but you can also have nice walks in the woods and fields. At the top of the hill you get a wonderful view to sea.

In the first and last part of the trail you go through a dark forest. The trail is marked with white marks on trees and rocks.

Here and there the sun passes through the tree crowns and creates beautiful patterns in the green forest ground.

If you let the gaze wander along the ground, you might find a pit where trees and shrubs reflect.

Later you get to an open area. Here you can let your mind wander as you walk through thigh-high grass.

Maybe you find a butterfly?

Or a ladybug?

Finally you get the reward: the view of the archipelago. It's not wrong to have a meal break here. To the right you'll see the Hvalerøyene on the Norwegian side. Straight ahead lies the infamous "sack" where the sea easily becomes rough when the wind gets rough.

The trip ends where it begins, at Källviken holiday village. On the terrace to the left of the yellow building in the picture, you have a nice view to the sea.

This is the resort of the old variety. Some larger houses with single rooms and several cabins scattered on a larger plain.

Some of the cabins have a view to one of Sweden's most beautiful archipelagos.

Bring your swimwear. Just below the holiday resort you will find a nice beach.

If you wish, you can also rent a room at the hotel.

More excursions:

Excursion of the week: Walk in the woods at Källviken near Strømstad.

Duration: About 4 kilometers - one hour walk.

Suitable for: Fun trip for children as well as grownups.

Getting there: When you drive to Strømstad from the E6 north exit, turn right at the first roundabout (where you have the fire station on the right and Eurocash on the left). Then follow the signs to Seläter, it is more or lett right ahead all the time. At Seläter Camping you'll reach a steep hill. A little while after reaching the top and heading back to the sea, there is a road to the right marked Capri. Follow the Caprivei right until you see Källviken on your left. Park at the guest parking at Capri a few hundred meters further and return to Källviken. The tour is marked with white marks and starts on the other side of the road just next to the reception to Källviken.

Challenge: Can you spot this troll?


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