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Dælivann - national park, fish and frogs

In the summer of 1986 Christian Skredsvig and his wife Maggi Plate invited five artist friends to Fleskum farm. In this artist collective, they discussed art and painted images from mornings to evenings.

Erik Werenskiold, Gerhard Munthe, Harriet Backer, Kitty Kielland and Eilif Peterssen stayed the whole summer. The summer of Fleskum was the beginning of a new area in Norwegian painting.

Later, they received brilliant critics for the paintings, and this period was later perceived as particularly innovative.

The peculiar style in the paintings was inspired by the twilight of the long nordic summer nights.

The most famous painting from Dælivann was "The Boy With the Flute" by Christian Skredsvik himself, the owner of Fleskum Farm. But also "Summer Night" by Eilif Peterssen and "Summer Night" by Kitty Kielland are famous pictures painted at the southern end of Dælivann.

Three years later - in 1989 - Theodor Kittelsen spent some time at Fleskum farm as well. He might also have been inspired from the nature here to make his trolls.

Today, this area is accessible to everybody. It is a national park where fallen trees are left to rotten, and where birds, animals and insects get good living conditions.

The trip around Dælivann is beautiful in all seasons. Shifts in light and skylight create new impressions every time.

In the water you can get perch, roach and pike. In the late summer the paths are loaded with small frogs and toads jumping around. The route around Dælivann goes partly on marked paths in the woods and partly on gravel roads between fields.

In such a terrain you can almost be tempted to paint a picture yourself - or at least take a photo.

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Excursion of the week: Dælivann in Bærum nearby Oslo

Suitable for: Everyone. Baby carriage and wheelchair can be used on the gravel roads, but not in the woods.

Duration and length: A round about Dælivann from Gjettum metro station is about 5 kilometers and takes about 1 hour.

Get there: Take subway No. 3 Kolsås-Mortensrud to Gjettum station. When you leave the subway, follow the road backwards 300-400 meters in the direction of Oslo on the right side of the track (seen from the station when you come from Oslo). There you will find a road going upwards towards the forest. At the top of the hill you will find a hiking trail through the woods. Follow this path until you reach a gravel road leading down to the fields around Dælivann. This road leads back to Gjettum station. If you come by car, you can park either at Gjettum station or at the parking lot at the beginning of the road up to the forest.

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