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The old town of Alicante - beautiful and historic

You have not experienced Alicante until you have familiarized yourself with the oldest part of the city. It was established by the Moors in the 8th century, but taken over by the Christians in the 14th century.

The entrance gate to the old town is through one of the large arched openings in the town hall from the 19th century. On the inside, there is a district with close to 2,700 inhabitants.

In addition, an unknown number of tourists visit this area with narrow streets, open spaces, restaurants and old buildings.

Calle Labradores is one of the streets you should visit. There are extra many restaurants here.

The 18th-century Cathedral de Sant Nicolás is one of the beautiful buildings in the old town. Admission is free every day.

The 9th-century Basílica de Santa Maria is the oldest church in the city. This Gothic/Baroque church is also open to the public every day.

The old town is located at the foot of the small mountain Monte Benacantil where the Santa Barbara castle sits on top.

One of the most picturesque areas is the Barrio del Santa Cruz. It is a beautiful quarter with houses that are both well-kept and richly decorated with art and flowers.

In the upper street, the houses are partly caves. On the inside, the apartments extend into the mountains.

More excursions:

Excursion of the week: The old town of Alicante

Fits everyone. There are quite a few stairs in Barrio Santa Cruz.

Get there: Search for Ayuntamiento Alicante in Google Maps. There you will find the entrance to the old town. From there it's just a matter of going on a journey of discovery.

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