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Calpe - the old town and much more

Calpe is a coastal municipality on the Costa Blanca that is perhaps best known for its cliff, white beaches and many good restaurants.

It is also known for having a high proportion of people from the UK who own or rent in one of the many modern blocks of flats overlooking the Mediterranean.

But Calpe also has a well-preserved old town that is less well-known but more charming than the new ones.

As in other coastal towns in Spain, the people of Calpe have built their houses on a hill slightly set back from the shoreline and surrounded by a fortress wall to provide protection against attacks by pirates.

The area that was originally within this wall constitutes the old town. Today you can see the remains of the wall at the old watchtower - Torreó de la Peça - where you will find the Museo de Coleccionismo which has exhibitions of public and private art collections.

If you are interested in history and archaeology, you can also visit the Museo de Historia in Casa de la Senyoreta.

The old town has narrow streets, but also open spaces where people can gather.In most streets, people have decorated around doors and windows with flowers.

The staircase, painted in the colors of the Spanish flag, is one of the most photographed places in the city.

But there are also other nicely decorated stairs.

The quote: "There are three kinds of men - the living, the dead and those who go by sea" which can be found on a pavement, can also be seen in other coastal towns that want to highlight their fishing traditions.

The old town of Calpe has many murals.

The town also has a couple of springs that are still in use.

When you wander around the old city streets, you get something nice to look at in every single street.

At the city's highest point just outside the old town is a park with the Ermita de San Salvador chapel.

Here you can enjoy the beautiful view, or relax in the shade on one of the benches.

Calpe was originally an agricultural municipality where farmers lived by growing almonds and extracting salt from the shallow waters of the salt lake at the back of the town.

Today, this is a nature reserve where you can see flamingos and other birds up close. Read more about Les Salinas de Calpe.

The famous cliff just outside the city is also located in a nature conservation area. Although it looks difficult from the town side, it is possible to climb this from the other side.

A nice path has been created where you can hold on to ropes on the steepest passages. Read more about the route to climb the cliff of Calpe here: peñón de Ifach.

Between the city center and the cliff of Calpe lies an archaeological excavation area with finds from Roman times.

In addition to a tower and foundation wall from old settlements, you can see traces of the Roman bathing pool carved out of the rocks by the beach.

More excursions:

Excursion of the week: The Old town of Calpe on Costa Blanca.

Suitable for: Everybody.

Get there: Search for "Aparcamiento Plaza Mayor Calpe" on Google Maps. It leads you to a parking garage right at the entrance to the old town. Then go up the hill right next to the car park, then you will come straight into the old town - Casco Antiguo.

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