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Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Half an hours drive north of Alicante and some few kilometers south of Benidorm you'll find the fishing village Villajoyosa which means "The happy village". Tall, thin and colourful as they are - originally painted this way to make it easier for the fishermen finding home.

Fargerike hus i første linje mot stranden i Villajoyosa

The old city center with its narrow streets and picturesque houses is on the Unesco's World Heritage list. The original character of the city has been very well preserved du to the protection of the buildings facades. Inside, however, the flats have been modernized, and you can now easily rent a modern flat with high standards.

Hengende hus over kanten mot elven i Villajoyosa.

Along the river the houses have been prolonged outside the edge of the city wall to exploit every possible square meter.

Villa med palmer i solnedgang i Villajoyosa

The farm - or hacienda - has been closed down years ago, but the old house is still in use.

If you walk the paseo all the way to the end in eastern direction you'll find small beaches where you can have your own little private space.

Hustak over Villajoyosa

Modern times have arrived to Villajoyosa too making a TV antenna a must for everybody.

Smau i Villajoyosa

Many of the streets are beautifully decorated with flowerpots.

Trang gate med fargerike hus i Villajoyosa

Many of the streets are elegant and beautiful.

Fargerike hus i Villajoyosa

House row on top of the city by the old city wall.

Bystranden i fiskelandsbyen Villajoyosa

The city beach seen towards north ...

Fargerike hus på stranden i fiskelandsbyen Villajoyosa

... and towards south.

Piren ved innfarten til havnen i fiskelandsbyen Villajoyosa

Villajoyosa has a nice harbor where small and medium sized fishing boats deliver their catch every morning. The image shows a beacon in the entrance of the harbor.

Fargerike hus om kvelden i fiskelandsbyen Villajoyosa i Spania

At the paseo along the beach there are numerous restaurants and some nice facades too.

Palmer på stranden i fiskelandsbyen Villajoyosa

This is what you should do when you are in Villajoyosa:

- Eat chocolate at Valor, a restaurant selling chocolate from one of the major local chocolate fabrics

- Buy chorros in the vagon on the back of the market place on thursdays

- Walk the paseo along the beach from the Amadorio river to the harbor (20 minutes walk)

- Watch flamenco dance in the local theatre (for free)

- Go for a swim at the city beach (parkering place under the sidewalk)

- Eat on one of the restaurants on the beach where the mediterranean lics your face

More excursions:

Excursion of the week: Villajoyosa

Find your way: On N-332 or AP-7 from Alicante or Benidorm you take off at the exit Villajoyosa (or Vila Joiosa) south. Follow the signs to the city center which is situated just by the beach.

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