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Terra Mítica - a cultural amusement park

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Central myths of our history are a main theme of the Terra Mítica Amusement Park in Benidorm. Buildings, scenery, plays, and activities give you the feeling of visiting diverse cultures.

Water surrounds buildings and scenery and is also an important ingredient in many of the activities.

To say that you get historical and cultural insight will be exaggerated, but the surroundings and atmosphere give the experience an extra dimension.

In many of the activities, the whole family can be together for the experience. They get to be in the same boat.

You must expect to get wet on many of the activities. That feels good when it's hot. Several places, especially in the waiting areas, also have water coolers.

It is therefore okey to be here even at the hottest time of the year.

Sculptures and art have roots in mythology.

At regular intervals plays are presented that show historical events and mythical stories. You can also watch movies if you wish.

However, you will also find the usual attractions such as carousels, roller coasters, ghost trains and the like. This is primarily an amusement park.

In the loop in the picture below, you reach a speed of 120 kilometers per hour. You should neither be too high nor too low - nor too anxious - to take a trip with this one.

Many of the activities have age or height restrictions. Prepare the children for they may not be able to participate in everything.

But there are also many nice attractions for the small children, so everyone gets their needs met.

One of the most spectacular attractions is a high tower where you are lifted to a breathtaking view. You sit in the ring around the trunk, and everyone has window space.

The ring rotates slowly so you can see the area to the west ...

... the area to the south with the characteristic skyline of Benidorm ...

... and the area to the east with all the attractions.

In a related attraction you are also raised to great heights, but there it is scarier.

Once you get up, you are let down again and experience a few seconds of free fall.

All attractions (but some very few) are free. You only pay entrance fee and for the food you buy.

Artificial rivers and lakes have been created around the area. You can join a boat that does a tour of the entire area.

Or you can rent your own swan and sail around with it on your own.

There is also a large swimming pool. Bring swimwear.

You can also get a tangible memory. At several of the attractions, pictures are taken of you that you can buy.

Since so many of the attractions are water-based, it is best to visit Terra Mítica in the hot part of the year. The facility is very child friendly. There is not much pressure to buy things here, and all attractions are free (except for a very few) once you are inside. There are many small eateries where you can buy pizzas and light meals, but also a large restaurant where you get today's three-course menu for a very affordable sum.

If you are traveling with children, it is advisable to come when the facility opens in the morning. Expect to spend most of the day. If you only travel with adults, possibly with young people, the afternoon and evening are a good time, but make sure you get enough time.

Buy tickets online in advance. It is much cheaper, and you do not have to queue. It's a good idea to download the Terra Mítica app and arrange everything from the app. There are discounts for families.

Get there: Drive N-332 to Benidorm. Take one of Benidorm's exits and follow the signs for Terra Mítica. There is a large car park in front of the main entrance where you can stand all day for 4 Euro. Bring coins and you'll save time.

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