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Styrsö - a pearl in the Strömstad archipelago

Styrsö is the closest neighbor on the mainland to the Koster Islands. Here you can rent rooms at the hostel or simply enjoy the fine sandy beach.

You only come here by boat, either private boat or with the Koster boats. That is the reason why the beach rarely or never is too crowded.

On the beach you will find a small kiosk where you can also buy some food. The beach is nice for children.

On the gray days you can have the place for yourself if it is a bit out of season.

On the west coast of Sweden, the wind usually comes from the south-west. It is ideal for this beach. Here you are protected from the winds from south.

Here there is a lot of sea and a lot of sky.

The hostel has a simple standard, but you have your own entrance and balcony. In the common house you have access to shower, WC and kitchen with fridge and freezer. You make your own food.

This is a modest accommodation, but in summer you have exactly what you need: more days of sunshine than most other places in Sweden, the beach just outside.

If you follow the trail on the back, you come to the other side of the island. Neither has there been much change in recent decades.

The cruise ship calls the quay several times a day. On some of the departures you must notify in advance that you will be picked up.

It is popular to take one of the first boats out to the island and one of the departures in the afternoon.

Excursion of the week: Styrsö at Strömstad

Suitable for: Everybody.

Get there: If you have your own boat, you can moor at the guest dock for free. If you do not have a boat, you can take the Koster boats. They leave the pier at the square in Strömstad (northern port), about once an hour. There are chargeable parking spaces close by. You buy tickets on board or at the payment machine at the dock. Departure times may vary during the year. Check:

The hostel: There are 7 quadruple rooms and 2 rooms for two people. For rental agreement, send email to:, or call +46 709 356 093.

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