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Strömstad - the shrimp town

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

This is what Strömstad looked like in the old days, and this is what the old town in Strömstad looks like today. The old town is located directly opposite the southern harbor, close to the bus and train station.

At the time, there was much disagreement about the location of the city hall, the green house. It was eventually placed on a hill near the northern harbor.

Today, the distance seems like a stone's throw, but at the time, this was perceived as too far away from the center, which was located by the southern harbor.

The city's stately church is located on a hill in between.

Around the city you will find a mix of new and old. Some houses blend into the old, others stand out.

If you do not visit the old town, it is often the square and the pier you connect with Strömstad. In winter it can be peaceful there.

In the summer there are boats, market stalls and many tourists.

Strömstad was a fishing village and the harbor was and still is central. Here, fishing boats still deliver their catch every morning.

Today, most of the boats in Strömstad are leisure boats.

Strömstad was once known for its many bathrooms. In the bathhouse on the pier you can swim in salt water taken from the sea outside.

Right behind the town is a long and narrow lake called Strömsvattnet. It gives rise to the river that flows through the city.

At the far end of the skerries, a sea bath has been made where you can take a sauna and swim in sea water within the framework of the building.

More excursions:

Excursion of the week: Strömstad, the shrimp city on the cost of Bohuslän

Get there: Take the E6 south from the Norway-Sweden border. Take the first exit marked Strömstad Nord. There are parking spaces in the city center streets, but there is the best space in the large parking lot by the northern harbor. Turn right when you get all the way down to the pier.

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