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Serra Gelada - From l'Albir to Benidorm

Between the coastal towns of l'Albir and Benidorm there is a long mountain range with steep cliffs towards the sea. A path runs along the edge of these.

The route runs through beautiful and dramatic nature. From some of the fossilized dune cliffs there is a vertical drop of more than 300 meters to the sea below.

You start at the car park for the Serra Gelada nature reserve in l'Albir. Follow the road that leads upwards from the car park to El Faro and Serra Gelada.

When you come to a poster with information about the Serra Gelada nature reserve, follow the path that goes up the stairs to the right. Follow the signs to Camí de la Cantera.

The path is marked yellow/white. It goes up steeply for the first 400 - 500 meters until you reach the top where there is a large antenna.

After a short time you get a good overview of the bay where l'Albir and Altea are located and the Sierra Bernia mountain range in the background.

From the top there is a view to El Faro de l'Albir with the Calpe cliff on the horizon.

From here the trip goes along the edge of the cliffs towards Benidorm in the west. After a while you can look back at the antenna and Calpeklippen in the distance.

The route has 6-7 descents and ascents along the edge of the cliffs. A couple of the descents can be intimidating for people with a fear of heights.

The path goes quite close to the cliff in some places, but you are never so close that it is dangerous. If you wish, you can move it to the edge to take a look.

Halfway you can see Benidorm in the distance. Then you still have several descents and ascents ahead of you.

Hif you wish, you can take a small detour to the viewpoint Alt del Governador, otherwise you follow the signs to la Creu Benidorm (Benidorm's Cross).

The route gradually alternates between road and path. Follow the signs for Creu Benidorm all the way.

Before starting the descent to Benidorm, you will come to a large cross that was erected in the 1950s. It was the church's way of protesting Franco's decision to allow the wearing of bikinis on the beaches of Spain.

In the past there had been a requirement for full-coverage clothing also on the beaches, but this was not compatible with the tourism that the local authorities wanted to focus on.

On the way down you can see la Ruta del Punta Del Cavall which winds its way from Levante Beach in Benidorm to the viewpoint Mirador Serra Gelada and the ruins of a watchtower.

Follow the paved road down towards the city until you enter Calle Berlin which ends at Avenida del Mediterráneo at the eastern end of Levante Beach.

From here you can either return the same way after a meal at one of the town's restaurants, or take a taxi back to the car park in l'Albir. You can also take bus no. 010 which goes from Benidorm to l'Albir.

More suggestions for excursions:

Excursion of the week: The route over the Serra Gelada from l'Albir to Benidorm.

Length: This is a long and relatively strenuous trip with a lot of ascent and descent. You should therefore be in generally good physical shape to set out on it. The route is approx. 10 kilometers one way and will take between 4 and 5 hours.

Get there: Search for Parking Faro de l'Albir in Google Maps. You will then come straight to the large car park for the nature conservation area Serra Gelada, where the route begins. Alternatively: Drive from Alicante or Altea on the N-332. Take the N-332 towards l'Albir where this is signposted close to a MacDonal's restaurant. Follow CV-753 past Supermercat Mendoza. Follow the road straight ahead towards the beach until you approach the water. Follow the signs up to the right towards Faro, or drive up along the hill until you reach the car park for el Faro and Serra Gelada.

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