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Saltö - Kosterhavets National Park

Saltö is an idyllic island with a beautiful sandy beach and nice hiking opportunities. If you like snorkeling, try the snorkel trail.

Saltø har en av kystens fineste strender

The beach at Saltö is one of the finest in the area. It is located south-facing and thus sheltered from norhern winds.

If you go west along the beach, nature changes. Here you will have a great view to the archipelago and to one of the gateways to the Kosterhavet National Park, which has about 12,000 different species.

Steinstrand på Saltö

In the pebbles it is nice to look for small crabs, a nice activity for children as well as adults. The Koster Sea was protected in 2009 when the Koster Sea National Park was created. This protected area is linked to corresponding protected areas on the Norwegian side of the border.

Sti ned til stranden på Saltö

On the way to the beach from the parking lot you walk through a beautiful forest.

Skogsbunn på Saltö

There are several trails you can follow in the western direction. Here you can go hiking in the forest and reach the beach at several different places.

On the west side you reach a nice area with smooth rocks that are nice to lie on. There you will also find a naturist beach on a small island close by which you can wade over to.

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The excursion of the week: Saltö

Suitable for: All ages. The sandy beach is ideal for families with small children. It is accessible both with a stroller and a wheelchair. The area with smooth rocks is great for those who want privacy.

Lengt/duration: There are several trails around the island. You choose how far or short you want to go. Great for exploring.

Getting there: Follow Highway 176 from Strømstad towards Tanumshede. You will find RV 176 by turning left at the first roundabout you reach after you have taken off to Strømstad N from E6 (the roundabout is where Eurocash and one of the System companies are located). Follow this road straight ahead until you reach Daftö on your right side. At the top where you have Daftö amusement park, turn right. Then just drive right ahead on idyllic roads through Daftö, Öddö and Tjärnö until you finally reach Saltö. Park on the large parking lot on the left and orientate yourself on the map located at the kiosk (which is only open during the season). Then just continue on foot.

Challenge: Can you find this cabin on your way?

Liten hytte i skogen på Saltö


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