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Rock River Western Town - Strömstad

On the outskirts of Strömstad there is a cluster of houses, a small western city. Here you can see how they lived in the 19th century. You can ride a horse, throw lasso, horseshoe and ax and you can shoot with a gun.

The city is built by a group of enthusiasts who are interested in American culture and history.

They have many authentic items, and even if they have used nails instead of wooden plugs, the city looks just like American cities did at that time.

Emigrants from Norway and Sweden brought with them their culture. The way they managed agriculture and handicrafts was the same as in the Nordic countries at that time.

Here the men are armed in line with Hollywood's picture of how cow-boys lived, but in reality common people seldom had weapons, and few of them could use them.

You can shoot with a Colt revolver - or try one of the other entertaining activities they had at that time.

The city has both bank, sheriff office, saloon, funeral agency and other important institutions.

Adults as well as children are allowed to ride on kind and patient horses.

Time goes fast in Rock River Western Town. Take a rest in the lounge with a soda and a cake at the bar.

The plant grows a bit every year. They have planed to make a church, and people marry here.

The city has been used for recording several films that have been shown at Strömstad Cinema.

At the back of the city in the small forest, there is an adventure course for children. One of the highlights is a small cabin with a creepy gangster.

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Excursion of the week: Rock River Western Town in Strömstad

Suitable for: Everybody. Nice for families. Plan to spend some hours.

Opening houors: Open in july from 11 to 17 all days except Sunday. The rest of the year entrance only after appointments, but if you arrive without an appointment, in the weekends someone usually are present even if it is closed.

Get there: From Oslo take off from E6 at Nordby and then follow the old E6 towards Strömstad. Just before the candy store and just before you can drive into E6 again, turn left at Hogdals church. Continue a few miles on a narrow paved road until you see a sign on the left side to Rock River Western Town.

Challenge: Can you locate this cart?

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