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Blomsholm - prehistoric site

A few kilometers from Strömstad lies Blomsholm Manor. Here you can follow a cultural trail through Sweden's largest ship memorial, Bohulslän's third largest burial mound and judge ring.

The large rocks are set up to form an outline of a Viking ship. 1500 years ago, the acres below was sea bottom.

The culture trail starts at the parking lot, passes by the Viking ship, the old mill and up in a pasture area with a judge ring and the grave Grönehög from year 500.

In the pasture area you can get close contact with sheep or just listen to the birds and the wind.

An ideal area for a hike with children.

On the west side of the farm there is a short culture loop through the Catharin Forest, where you can see the remains of an 18th-century English inspired park. The forest is named after one of the women at Blomsholm.

In what now resembles a virgin forest, there is rich wildlife with, among other things, rare Salamander species.

The pig farm is run even today. The ancient buildings from 1710 are protected. This is where the estate owner lived with his family. It was the northern German nobleman Anders Blume who founded the place in 1625.

In the red wooden house, the crofters lived. Each family had one room and kitchen. One of the flats is conserved as it was when the last crofter lived here in 1938.

It is said that that there is a ghos in Blomsholm. Conrad Ranck, son of the fifth owner at Blomsholm, returns during nights in the form of a headless rider to alert people about accidents and danger.

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Excursion of the week: Blomsholm manor and Blomsholm protected area

Suitable for: Everyone. Nice Sunday trip with young children.

Duration: The trail past the Viking ship is about 1 1/2 km, and the path in the Catharinaskogen about 1/2 km.

Get there: When you arrive from the Norwegian border, take off from the E6 at the exit to Strömstad north. Turn left over the highway and left again in the direction back to the border. After a few hundred meters turn right towards Färingen and Nesinge. After a kilometer you reach a large farm on the left side and a parking lot on the right. Park here. Both slings start on this side of the road. The sling passing by the Viking ship starts on the east side where you see the ring of stones on the right. The slope through the Catharin forest begins right behind the barn building to the west of the parking lot.

The Catharin Forest is found on the west side of the farm.

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