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Puig Campana - the myths and the view

Over the mountain village Finestrat looms the mountain with the famous chopping. From the top you can see the entire Costa Blanca.

A giant had been told by a sorceress that his beloved girlfriend would die when the sun went down.

Stien opp til Puig Campana

He brought her to the highest point of the mountain to keep the sunshine as long as possible.

Utsikt fra siden av Puig Campana

But no matter how much he tried, he could not save her. When the last sunshine disappeared behind the Sella mountain, she died in his arms.

In sorrow and desperation he cut out a large rock from the top of the mountain and threw it into the sea. It is still there, it's the Benidorm Island. And Puic Campana got its notch.

Benidorm island is easy to see from the top of Puig Campana. On clear days you can even see Ibiza.

If you start early in the morning, you will have the sunrise over the peaks behind Puig Campana on the way up.

There are nice trails, and you'll have comfortable climb the first two hours. The last hour up to the top is tougher to go. Follow the signs and stick to the marked path and you are safe.

In the steepest places there is a railing for your safety and comfort.

You can not reach the famous notch in the mountain, but you can reach the highest point of the mountain, located east of the notch. Follow the marked path. In some places the trail is only a few meters from the edge.

Back to the view. It is definitely worth the trip. In the east (left in the picture) you see the Sierra Bernia and Calpe. In the west (right in the picture) you see Alicante, and straight ahead you have the vacation city with the great skyscrapers Benidorm.

In the summer you should start the trip as soon as it becomes bright enough to see the trail. Then you go in comfortable shade until you reach the top. The trip back goes faster, and then it is also easier to withstand the heat.

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Excursion of the week: Puig Campana

Suitable for: One should be in a reasonable good shape to cope with this trip, but there are no difficult parties. Children down to the age of 7-8 will be able to handle it if you take it slowly. Bring plenty of water. Ideal trip for autumn and spring when the temperature is not too high. In the summer you should start very early to avoid the worst heat.

Length: You'll probably use about 5-6 hours. It is close to 14 kilometers, and you have to climb about 1100 altitude meters from the starting point.

Getting there: Take off from N-332 towards Finestrat either via CV-759 at Villajoyosa or via CV-767 at Benidorm. Drive all the way to the top of Finestrat and follow the signs for the recreation area with the Font del Molí water source at the foot of Puig Campana. Continue the asphalt road past this place. After a few hundred meters you reach a small bridge. Right across the bridge there is a space to park a few cars on either side of the road. Park there and follow the marked path to the top of Puig Campana. First you'll walk along the side of the mountain until you reach the back of the mountain. There you'll find a junction where you can choose between going straight forward bringing you around the mountain, to the left that brings you to La Nucía or to the right that brings you to the top.


Kart over veien til Finestrat

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