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Penya Migjorn - the red cliff

Penya Migjorn - or Penya Rojo as it is also called - is located in Xixona (Jijona) in Alicante. It can be reached without climbing.

The tour starts at Font dels Bassons on the west side of the village of Xixona (Jijona). Take the road that runs from the underside of the car park along the wall on the plateau above (see the picture below).

The route is well marked and easy to find. Follow the yellow/white signs or signs to Penya Migjorn.

After a short time, you get a good view of the mountain peak to be climbed from the back. The route goes around the cliff in the low parts on the right.

You walk partly on the road and partly on a path. At the intersection in the picture below, you should cross onto the path straight ahead.

After a few hundred meters you come to a crossroads where you can either take the shortest route to Penya Migjorn, or a slightly longer but more pleasant route to the top via Cova els Corrals. It is also possible to go on a round trip where you take the shortest route to Penya Migjorn on the way up and the road via Cova els Corrals back down.

On the shortest way up, the last section to the top is a bit technically difficult. The road around Cova els Corrals has no difficult sections. This post describes the route about Cova els Corrals.

The trails are well marked throughout. In some places it is also marked with a cross where you should not walk.

From the side you can see how much the top leans forward.

Remember to turn around from time to time. You quickly get a nice view of Cabezon d'Or and other nearby mountains.

Follow the sign for Penya Migjorn and Cove els Corrals.

Follow the sign for Penya Migjorn and Cove els Corrals.

Cova els Corrals are the ruins of a farm that once stood here.

You can still see the remains of the terraced agriculture around, including almond trees that are in flower in February/March.

From here the terrain becomes a little more lush for a while.

If you look up from time to time, you will be able to see the Griffon Vulture hovering over the terrain. Several pairs have been observed nesting in holes and cracks in the red rock.

When you get to this mark, choose the path to the left up towards the top. Here the markings are so weak and worn that it can be difficult to see, but it is easy to see the path that goes up.

This trail is completely safe, but the climb is quite steep in the last part up to the top.

However, the view you get at the top is worth the effort. Here you see beautiful mountains to the east and west and the Mediterranean Sea to the south.

At the top there is a book for visitors in which you can write your name as proof that you have reached the top.

More excursions:

Excursion of the week: To the top of Penya Migjorn in Xixona, Alicante

Length: Approx. 10 kilometers in total if you go round trip via Cova els Corrals - approx. 4-5 hours. The car park is at 541 meters above sea level, while the summit is at 1226 meters above sea level. During the trip, you therefore climb 688 metres.

Suitable for: Everyone in normally good physical shape, including children. People with lung or heart problems should take it easy on the hardest climbs. The trip can be perceived as strenuous because there is an ascent more or less all the time, but it is completely safe, and the route is well marked so that it is easy to find your way.

Get there: Plot Area Recreativa de Font dels Bassons in Goggle Maps. Alternatively: Take the exit towards Xixona from the N-332 on the east side of Alicante. Drive through Xixona up the hills and follow the CV-810 past the castle and up towards Penya Migjorn. Take off to the car park at the recreation area at Font dels Bassons as shown in the picture below. Feel free to park in the lower part of the car park because the route starts there.

You should also take the opportunity to see the remains of Font dels Bassons, which you will find in the upper part of the parking area.

If you have time, you can also look at the restored castle just below.

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