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Nordre Øyeren - The Nordic region's largest inland delta

The Nordre Øyeren nature reserve at the northern end of Lake Øyeren, where the Glomma flows in, is the Nordic region's largest delta.

It is a 62 square kilometer plain area with dunes, islands, lagoons, and canals formed by the water in the river.

There is an elongated land area on the east side - Årnestangen - which ends in the middle of the lake. The road goes through arable land along a canal in the delta.

Here the landscape is so open and flat that you have the feeling of being on the coast of Denmark and not in Norway.

The area has many species of both plants and animals. More than 260 bird species, about twenty mammals, and 320 different plants have been registered.

The river banks are constantly changing. In some places, they are eroded by the flow of water, in other places grounds or protrusions occur because the water brings with it sand and soil.

At the southern tip of Årnestangen, a large wetland area is also constantly changing in step with the water level. This is a nice place for bird watching.

The population of Northern Lapwing is declining sharply in many parts of the country, much due to the way modern agriculture is conducted, but in this area, it is easy to spot it.

A large observation tower has been set up for bird watching at the southern tip. From there you get a nice view of large parts of the area.

Most birds are only in transit and are only seen during the migration periods in spring and autumn, but the Meadow Pipit in the picture below is a regular guest.

On the southeast side of Årnestangen, it is only allowed to travel on a marked path.

A shelter for bird watching has also been set up here, which also provides a good overview of the wetland area.

There is limited opportunity to move outside courtyards and paths, but along the river banks, you can move freely.

Once you are in the area, it is recommended to take a trip to Fetsund booms. It is only a few kilometers away.

Here, there is both an information center about the nature reserve and a museum for the timber floating that was carried out here earlier.

Some of the buildings float out in the river when the water level is so high that it is relevant to float timber. At low water levels, they stand on the sandy bottom of their floating pontoons.

More excursions: This week's excursion: Årnestangen in Øver Øyeren Suitable for: Everyone. Flat and comfortable terrain to move in. Roads and paths have been prepared along the entire route. Duration: The trip from the parking lot to the southern tip of Årnestangen is approx. 3 km (6 km round trip). Get there: Take the E6 from Oslo towards Trondheim. Turn right towards Akershus University Hospital at Høybråten. Continue towards Rælingen. At Rælingen, take Nedre Rælingsvei (RV 120) south (to the right) past Norum, Fjerdingby and Smestad. Follow RV 120 until you come to a sign for Årnestangen. Park in a small parking lot next to the water. To get to the southern tip of Årnestangen, follow the farm road through the gate nearby. #River #Delta #Wetland #Reserve #Birds #Canals #Årnestangen #Øyeren #Lake #Fetsund #Museum #Norway #English

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