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Nötholmen - Strømstad's Venice

Nötholmen is an idyllic island at the gateway to Strømstad harbor. To get there, you have to go through a small neighborhood with narrow streets and canals where residents have their boats moored below the terrace.

In the middle of the residential area there is a small sandy beach for the smallest.

Nøtholmen was originally an island that became a peninsula when the passage between the island and the mainland was sealed by sand and gravel from the ocean currents. When entrepreneurs planned to build a larger residential area, they decided to open the channel again and let the water flow into artificially landed channels between the buildings. The result was an idyllic little Venice.

From the residential area there are two small bridges across to the island.

The island has a nice forest with mostly pine trees where several paths are laid. You can choose from several marked trails or go exploring on your own.

Barn på vei inn i skogen på Nøtholmen ved Strømstad

In some places the forest is deep green all year round.

Grønne partier i skogen på Nøtholmen ved Strømstad

You can also walk around the island along the beaches. It takes about 45 minutes.

There are some idyllic beaches on the west side and northwest side where you can take a bath or just wander around and look for crabs and clams.

Liten strand på Nøtholmen

When you round the tip of the island on the west side you get a nice view of the archipelago.

And on the way east again, you get an overview of the city of Strømstad with the entry to the port.

More excursions:

Excuresion of the week: Nötholmen.

Length: It takes about 45 minutes to go around the beaches, a distance of a total of 4.3 kilometers from the parking lot. The marked trails in the woods can be combined as desired.

Suitable for: All ages. Walking around the beaches, you will have to do a little climbing in some places, but no more than that relatively small children can handle it.

Getting there: After the exit from E-6 towards Strømstad north (the first exit when you come from Norway), turn right at the first roundabout you reach (where you have Eurocash on the left and the fire and ambulance deployment station on the right). After a few hundred meters there is a road to the left. Follow this to the end. Park in the parking lot at the marina and walk the small road to Spabadshotellet and the Nötholmen residential area. Walk across the residential area until you find one of the two bridges that lead to the island close by. Here you can follow marked trails through the woods or walk along the beaches.

It is possible to get there from the city of Strømstad as well. Follow the harbour to the north as far as you can. There you will find a cable ferry to the other side where Nötholmen is located.

Challenge: Can you find this dog?

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