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Medieval market in La Nucía

Around 10 July each year, there is a medieval market in La Nucía, a small mountain village just ten kilometers away from Benidorm.

En ung man demonstrer tradisjonelt hånderk

La Nucía was founded in 1705, and the medieval market is ment to be a birthday celebration for the village. Here you will get an impression of how it was to live in Spain in the Middle Ages. There are sales stalls where you can buy food, souvenirs, handicrafts, ceramics, cast iron, shoes and clothes. In the picture above, an artist dressed in medieval clothes shows traditional crafts.

Kvinner poserer foran salgsbod på middelaldermarked i Nucia i Spania

A saleswoman shows off her merchandise in one of the many sales tents.

Pottemaker lager kjeramikk foran salgsbod i middelaldermarked i Nucia

A potter demonstrates traditional pottery crafts.

Trening av jaktfugl - jaktfalk - i middelaldermarked i Nucia

An animal trainer shows off his tame hunting falcon. If you are lucky you can see it in action.

Musikanter underholder i gatene på middelaldermarked i Nucia i Spania

During the event you will see actors dressed in traditional fashion, street theater, dancers performing traditional folk dance, jugglers, animals and much more. The kids can ride a donkey or sit in a donkey cart. In the picture above street musicians entertain.

The beautiful mountain village Pollop is nearby. The photo above is taken from a restaurant in La Nucía.

More excursions:

The excursion of the week: La Nucía.

Suitable for: everybody.

Getting there: Leave AP-7 or N-332 in the vincinty of Benidorm at the exit CV-70. Follow the signs to La Nucía, Pollop and Callosa. Just before reaching La Nucía, you need to get to CV-715. You can also take the CV-763 at Albir towards Alfàs del Pi and then follow the signs to La Nucía. You will then enter CV-70 afterwards.

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