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Guadalest - best preserved in Spain?

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

If you don't want to meet tourists, don't go to Guadalest. It is just the Alhambra and the Pradomuseum that get more visitors in Spain. But if you want to experience Spain's best preserved medieval city, you should take the tour.

Det gamle vakttårnet i Guadelest

Some remember the city for the grotesque Torture Museum from the Inquisition, others are fascinated by the miniature museum where a true copy of the Eilfelt Tower is placed on a pinhole head. The village with the two hundred inhabitants has eight museums.

There is only one entrance to the city, and it was well guarded in medieval times. You would need mountain climbing equipment if you would try other ways of entrance.

Eneste inngan til Guadelest

To get into Guadalest, you have to go through a tunnel.

In the image above you can see the original guard tower of the fortress. The picture shows how difficult it was to conquer the city.

Det gamle fengselshullet i Guadelest

The first thing that meets you is narrow streets with small shops full of souvenirs and art objects.

Butikk utenfor bymuren til Guadelest

Trang butikkgate i Guadelest

Inside there is a rich selection of artisan shops, museums and restaurants.

One of the best preserved upper class homes has been converted to a city museum. The head of the Orduña family was the richest merchant on the spot. The museum provides a good insight into how an upper-class home looked like at that time.

If you buy a ticket to the castle and fortress, you will see the remains of these old buildings.

Views of the city and the water reservoir in the valley below. Here the water is always green.

Both inside and outside the city wall you can sit down at one of the many restaurants and have a cup of coffee and a sandwich or have dinner.

More excursions:

The excursion of the week: The medieval village Guadelest

Difficulty: Available with stroller most places, but not wheelchair in the area of ​​the old castle and fortress.

Sights: The city has eight museums: The Doll Museum, the Miniature Museum, the Ethnological Museum, the Torture Museum, the Historical Museum, the Micro Giant Museum, the Ribera Girona Museum and the City Museum - Orduña House. Notice, the torture museum is heavy stuff.

Getting there: You can reach Guadelest by several routs. Coming from Altea, you take off from N-332 at Benidorm towards La Nucia on CV-70. Guadelest is half an hour's drive from Benidorm (22 km). When you descend from the hill you see the city lying on a hill.

Guadelest på en topp

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