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Busot - charming mountain village with ruins of fortress

Updated: Jan 30

A few kilometers from the coast within El Campello on the Costa Blanca, lies the small mountain village of Busot.

The town is located on a mountain slope at the foot of the mountain Cabezon de Oro with the ruins of the town's castle on a knoll just outside the old town.

The old and newer districts have views of El Campello, Alicante and the plains and mountains within.

The village has Muslim origins and was established in connection with the castle, where the production of glass and glass art was started, of which there are now only remnants.

Parts of the foundation for the large tower in the castle have been preserved. Archaeological excavations have shown how rooms and walls have been made.

In the middle of the old town there is also a crag - Monte Calvario - where there is a chapel called Ermita de San Vincente Ferrer. There is also a nice vantage point here.

Busot means "place in the forest", and the village is literally in the middle of a pine forest. In the old town there are picturesque, narrow city streets with old brick houses.

A distinctive feature of the village is the decoration of the walls with flower pots.

There are five places you should see if you visit Busot. The first is the church La Iglesia de San Lorenzo Mártir.

The church is open to the public, and the only thing that is asked is to put out the light after the visit.

The second thing you should see is the town hall. It was built in 1927 next door to the church.

In the church square there is a nice restaurant and a small intimate hotel.

Prices here are lower than at the coast. Coffee and pretzels here cost 2.5 Euros.

The third thing you should see is an art wall - Racó de Coves. It is inspired by the Las Cuevas de Canelobre caves located in the municipality and which are worth a visit in themselves.

Here it is as if the stalactites in the caves burst out of the wall. The murals of the windows on the gable right next to them are part of the artwork.

There are also murals in several other places in the city, such as this decoration of a car park. At first glance, it is difficult to see that this is a gable wall with only one small window.

The fourth is the public washroom where the population got clean spring water to drink for themselves and their animals and to wash clothes and kitchen utensils.

Here, too, murals have been created that show how the facility was used.

The fifth is the chapel la Ermita de San José which is located at the very beginning (southwest) of the old town.

Busot is located right next to the so-called Golden Mountain - El Cabezon de Oro - which means the buck of gold.

According to the myths, there is supposed to be gold here, but no one has ever found it. On the other hand, it is a nice hiking area where you can both climb the summit at 1205 meters and go for a tour around the mountain. You will also find the Las Cuevas de Canelobre caves here.

More excursions:

Excursion of the week: The mountain village of Busot by the mountain Cabezon de Oro - with ruins of fortress.

Suitable for: Everyone, including disabled people.

Get there: Busot is located 9 kilometers inland outside the coastal town of El Campello on the Costa Blanca.Search for "Aparcamiento público Busot" and you will come directly to a car park just outside the old town, close to the castle. Then everything is within walking distance.

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