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Les Salines at Calpe - a place for flamingos

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

The small salt lake at the coastal town of Calpe north of Alicante is one of the best places in Spain to see flamingos up close.

Here there are many flamingos in relation to the size of the salt lake, at the same time as the birds are used to humans.

Calpe is a popular tourist town known for its nice beaches and good restaurants, but the small lake in the middle of the city center is less famous.

Les Salines is an area with shallow water levels that is ideal for wading birds, especially flamingos that thrive in the salty environment.

This is a natural lagoon that has been used to extract salt for centuries.The area was protected in 1988 and has since been reserved for birds and other wildlife.

The young flamingos have not yet got the nice red color.They are black and white.The adult flamingos turn red due to ingredients in the food they find on the bottom.

They spend a lot of time grooming the plumage.

Although the flamingos are mostly peaceful, fights can occur suddenly.

But they can also be loving to each other.

Without notice, a group may decide to take to the wings.

Then there will be competition to come first.

Along the east side of the lake there is a walkway parallel to the road. Here it is easy to get all the way down to the water.

On the north side, there are natural paths through a terrain with trees and shrubs.There is also a vantage point for bird watching. 170 species have been observed.

The flamingos move from time to time. It is therefore a bit random how close you get, but often they are so close that you can take a picture of them with your mobile phone.

More excursions:

Excursion of the week: See flamingos in Les Salines near Calpe

Fits everyone.

Duration: The trip along the water is no more than one kilometer or two, but if you want good photos, you should set aside a few hours.

Get there: Follow the N-332 to Calpe. Follow the main road towards the center and keep left when the road splits. Continue until you see a small body of water on the left side. There is a parking lot on the north side of the water, but it is also possible to park along the road. Follow the walkway and trails along the beaches. Avoid making noise that scares the birds.

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