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Laguna rosa - salt water lake in Torrevieja

In one of the sunniest and least rainy places in Spain lies Las Lagunas de La Mata-Torrevieja. There are two large, shallow lagoons with a very high salt content.

The area is 3,743 hectares, of which 2,100 are covered by water: 1,400 hectares for la laguna rosa de Torrevieja and 700 hectares for la laguna salada de la Mata.

Commercial extraction of salt has been carried out in the pink lagoon since 1321 when the state transferred the rights to the city of Orihuela.

Today, an international company extracts salt on a large scale, approx. 600,000 - 700,000 tonnes annually. The tourist office offers a guided tour there with a small tourist train.

If you take such a tour, you get to enter the factory area, and you get a tour and information.

The salt is collected with a boat that trawls the entire seabed systematically using GPS. The sea is a maximum of 2 meters deep.

Later, the salt is washed and cleaned. Road salt is washed once, while salt to be used for food or medicine is washed several times.

The shape of the salt mounds is designed so that rainwater runs off without wetting the salt below the surface. Each pile holds 15,000 tonnes of salt.

The pink color is due to an algae that thrives in this special environment. In the second lagoon, the salt concentration is so high that neither bacteria nor algae can survive there.

In the tour area, you can take photos and buy souvenirs, such as the red flamingo that is typical of the area.

The tour with the tourist train lasts approx. 1 hour with stops and guided tour.

On the other side of the lagoon there is a beautiful area where the salt has crystallized along the shore. To get there, you have to drive.

Her kan man vandre hundrevis av meter langs strandkanten i fred og ro.

The salt lakes are best known for the extra red flamingos, but there are also other birds that survive in this special environment.

More excursions:

Excursion of the week: Guided tour by tourist train from the center of Torrevieja to Las Salinas de Torrevieja a salt water lake in Torrevieja.

Get there: The train leaves from el Paseo de la Libertad in the port of Torrevieja.

Departure times vary during the year. Therefore, check the internet pages before departure at

Prices in 2023: Adults 8.95 euros, Children 2-12 years and pensioners: 7.95 euros, Family with 2 adults and 2 children: 29.90 euros. Groups of more than 19 people can get a special price, but then you should order and agree in advance.

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