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Kalvøya - Sandvika's jewel

Kalvøya is one of Bærum's most popular seaside resorts. It is located just outside the Kadettangen connected by a footbridge. On the south side there are benches overlooking the archipelago in inner Oslofjord.

Kadettangen is also a large beautiful bathing area with both grassy and sandy beaches.

The island was used for grazing in the summer for calves from Nesøya estate in the 16th century. That is why it's called Kalvøya (island of the calves). Today, the large grasslands are used for soccer for children.

The island was long owned by Kjørbo farm, but is now owned by the Municipality of Bærum and is freely available to the public.

On the west side, the Sandvik River flows into the Oslofjorden. Around the island, it alternates between sandy and rocky beaches with stratified shale, which is typical of the Oslofjorden.

On the east side there is a separate sandy beach with a bathing raft for naturists.

On the south side there are benches with nice view to the sea.

On the north side, a nature reserve has been established to preserve the specially stratified rocky area and the rich variety of plants.

Close by, Bærum roklubb has its premises.

At the mouth of the Sandvikselva (Sandvika River) there is a large selection of seabirds.

The island is mostly used in summer, but is equally beautiful in winter. There are nice hiking trails and trails that make it possible to walk around the island and cross.

More excursions:

Excursion of the week: Kalvøya outside Sandvika

Suited for: Everyone. Kid friendly. Sandy beach with diving board. Toilet. Kiosk in summer. Own beach for naturists.

Get there: Take the E-18 towards Drammen from Oslo. Take off to Sandvika. Follow the signs for Kadettangen. Park at the parkinlot nearby the beach and walk across the bridge to the island.

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